Chapter 1455: “Asking to be Humiliated Again (1)”

    Chapter 1455: "Asking to be Humiliated Again (1)"

    For several consecutive days, Luo Xi still did not give up, but everyday only brought him a heavier blow as the days passed. All the heaps of poison thrown into the wells had been for total naught, causing not even a ripple which enraged him greatly as he harshly berated his subordinates one time after another.

    But the situation was even becoming worse.

    It was not known how the refugees who were allowed into the Clear Breeze City daily became aware of the situation in the city's north and all of them who had just come in for only a few hours would immediately pack up their things from the refugee camp and head towards the city's north. Such a situation caused Luo Xi to be unable to remain sitting back and doing nothing about it where he stormed right into the City Lord's Manor to chide the City Lord for his lack of action.

    The City Lord expressed that he had already been trying very hard as well but with such good conditions in the city's north, only an idiot would reject it. He had sent people to stop the refugees from moving but they had failed utterly, and the City Lord was saying that he was feeling entirely helpless on what else he could do.

    The City Lord had even claimed that despite his injury, he was really mentally and physically exhausted, infuriating Luo Xi so badly his face went from white to green in fury.

    Luo Xi had tried everything he could think of. When the poisoning of the wells did not work, he had proceeded to try to tamper with the vegetables that were sent to the city's north but the result had been the same as before, all the poison seemingly sunken to the bottom of the sea, where he heard nothing about it at all.

    Seeing the number of refugees growing day by day and they were not able to bring out a single refugee out anymore, their plans had been completely disrupted.

    With great food and drinks coupled with a nice place to live in, who would want to leave?

    What Luo Xi feared most from before had come to pass as fact which caused him to become as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

    Unable to tolerate it all any further, Luo Xi decided that he would go up to the city's north himself, and this time, he would make an appearance as the "great benefactor" he was known as.

    The refugees in the city's north had all already changed completely. Although it had only been barely two weeks' time but after their most immediate needs of having warm meals and a proper roof over their heads settled, their temperament and the colour on their faces had greatly improved. And with the political lesson Jun Wu Xie had schooled them with the last time, the refugees had learnt to lend support and help to each other. If any of them got into a conflict with any of the original residents in the city, they knew they had to band together to protect their own people.

    When Luo Xi arrived at the city's north and found that all he saw before his eyes was completely different from the last time he came here, the scene of thriving harmony pricked at his heart that made him wince, the smile upon his face suddenly stiffening quite a bit.

    "Young Master Luo! You've come!" The refugees quickly recognized Luo Xi.

    Luo Xi quickly pushed down the rage heating up inside and put on a wide smile to say: "I heard that everyone had come here and I was a little worried, so I came here to have a look myself."

    Regardless what kind of personality Luo Xi really possessed, in the eyes of many of those refugees he was a very "kind" person, and hence the attitude of the refugees towards him was not that stiff.

    "Young Master Luo, this place is great. Young Master Jun is a very good person and we eat and sleep well in this place. We even have warm clothes to wear here and Young Master Jun would even get people to tend to our illness if we happen to fall sick."

    "Ya, that's right! Although Young Master Jun is a little cold as a person, but he his really good to us. A few days ago, my little bean back home had a fever and Young Master Jun brought us some medicine. My little bean recovered completely just after one dose!" When speaking of Jun Wu Xie, those refugees became highly excited and vigorous, each one competing with the next to sing their praises of Jun Wu Xie's kindness and unbelievable benevolence, like there was no greater person than Jun Wu Xie across these vast lands.

    Luo Xi fought hard to maintain the feigned smile upon his face, as he patiently listened to the refugees sing Jun Wu Xie's praises, his heart almost bursting from the pent up rage that he wished he could just drag Jun Wu Xie out and chew her up alive.

    "Is that so? So Young Master Jun is such a good person..... I wonder..... where will Young Master Jun be now? I happen to have something I need to discuss with him." Luo Xi said in an amicable tone although his heart was overflowing with anger.
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