Chapter 1456: “Undercurrents (1)”

    Chapter 1456: "Undercurrents (1)"

    The refugees immediately paused and hesitated a moment, none of them daring to say a word about it. With the previous lesson from the incident with the City Lord, they had all learnt not to speak carelessly anymore.

    Luo Xi had thought that his image as the "great benefactor" would be of some use but he was made to realize that when it came to affairs that concerned Jun Wu Xie, his title was seen to be completely useless on these refugees.

    No matter how much Luo Xi tried to persuade them, no one responded to him in the least. All the refugees suddenly came up with all sorts of excuses to escape from there. The previous incident had nearly brought a lot of trouble to Jun Wu Xie and the refugees had all been feeling very guilty about it. Now, none of them dared to say a single word about it.

    In just a short while, the crowd of refugees who had gathered around Luo Xi suddenly dispersed, leaving him to stand there alone with his attendant to stare at each other in frustration.

    Luo Xi was almost about to explode and his face turned a dark green shade.

    Jun Wu Xie stood by the window of her loft unit, enjoying the sight of Luo Xi looking utterly exasperated.

    "Young Miss, do you need me to go down there to have him dealt with?" Ye Sha said in a cold stoic voice.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    A lowly pawn like Luo Xi was not worth her attention and she had no interest in wasting time with him. She only need to force the situation hard enough and the one hidden behind the scenes would act.

    Finding himself unceremoniously snubbed, Luo Xi could only storm off in a rage. He couldn't allow things to continue on like this and he immediately released a messaging pigeon when he got back, before plopping himself back onto a chair with his jaws tightly clenched together.

    "You're inviting that person to come here?" The servant asked as he looked warily at Luo Xi.

    To which Luo Xi answered: "Or what? We've come so far already. Or should I allow that kid to do as he please in this city? The City Lord is also a useless douchebag and when the revered one comes, I will make sure he pays!"

    The system that they had managed to set up and develop within the Clear Breeze City had been turned into a mess when Jun Wu Xie appeared. And within all that chaos, someone had been watching all of it while keeping himself hidden.

    "From which palace is that kid in the city's north from? He has really kicked up quite a storm the moment he came here." The man seated within the restaurant said, swirling the cup of wine in his hand with one of his eyebrows lifted as he looked at the handsome cold faced youth.

    "Isn't it just so interesting? We have seldom met anyone so daring and the Palace of the Flame Demons had really lost quite a bit in this situation." The handsome youth turned himself around, the corners of his lips turned up in a bloodthirsty smile.

    "I had not expected that you would be willing to come down to the Lower Realm as you had really given me a big fright the last time you returned back. I noticed that you seem to be looking for someone all this while, could it have anything to do with what happened the last time, Gu Ying?" The man asked inquisitively.

    The handsome looking youth standing at the side was the very same person who had been wounded by Jun Wu Xie and had to be sent back to the Middle Realm, Gu Ying!

    The man's words caused the smile on Gu Ying's lips to stiffen a little and his eyes to narrow as the image of a slender and delicate figure appeared in his mind.

    [Jun Xie!]

    The image of that figure had felt as if it had been branded right into his heart, where he would feel a throbbing pain everytime he thought of it. That was a humiliation that he would never be able to forget!

    "If you have the leisure to care about my affairs, you should instead be using it to think how to deal with those guys from the Palace of Flame Demons. The guys from the Palace of Flame Demons had kicked up such a tumultuous storm down here in the Lower Realm and what they are seeking to achieve would surely not be something simple. The Twelve Palaces have each installed their own people here within the Clear Breeze City and if you are thinking of sitting back and wait to reap the benefits from the efforts of others, you'll also have to see if you possess the capabilities to do that." Gu Ying said sneeringly.

    The man waved his hand dismissively. "We are not as mad as those people from the Palace of Flame Demons. But having all seven of the maps gone missing is rather unexpected. I had even gone to the Zephyr Academy before but did not manage to find anything. It seems like the person who stole the maps had left the place a long time ago. I think the situation over at the Palace of Flame Demons should be the same and I heard that they even sent one of their Elders who had then died at the Heaven's End Cliff. That must have driven the Palace of Flame Demons into rage and they had then stirred up so much trouble down here in the Lower Realm. If the Lower Realm really gets wiped out by them, wouldn't it then make it easier for us to search for the Dark Emperor's tomb?"
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