Chapter 1457: “Undercurrents (2)”

    Chapter 1457: "Undercurrents (2)"

    "That does not concern me at all." Gu Ying said as he narrowed his eyes. He had come back down to the Lower Realm for one thing, and that was only to find that person!

    That person who made him suffer the worst humiliation throughout his entire life, Jun Xie!

    The man looked at Gu Ying and he could not help but feel a chill creep into his heart. Gu Ying had always possessed a bloodthirsty personality and after experiencing that incident, Gu Ying had suddenly been felt to have become much more dangerous.

    "It doesn't matter, we'll just wait and see. The search at the Heaven's End Cliff is still ongoing and the people from the other palaces who are hidden within the Clear Breeze City have not made any moves as well. If they do not move, I would naturally not go taint myself with these muddied water."

    At that moment of the man's agreement, many pairs of eyes were already hidden in many places within the Clear Breeze City, witnessing everything that was happening in that city.

    Nobody would have expected that in that unremarkable little city in the Lower Realm, there would be so many spies of the Twelve Palaces hidden within!

    The message that Luo Xi send out was responded to very quickly. A man dressed in black clothes came walking in through the large gates of the Clear Breeze City, the powerful aura surrounding him immediately dispersing the crowd of refugees squeezed before the gates. The several guards at the gates had upon seeing that person's countenance, immediately fallen to their knees in a tremble.

    The black clothed man's face was dark and solemn as he slowly walked into the Clear Breeze City, heading straight towards the Fortune Spring Hall.

    When Luo Xi received news of the man's arrival, he immediately got up intending to go out to welcome him but that black clothed man had already appeared right before his room door.

    "Greetings to the revered one!" Luo Xi immediately fell to his knees to pay his respects.

    The black clothed man's face was cold and hard, and he glanced at Luo Xi from his higher vantage point a brief moment when he suddenly lifted a foot to send Luo Xi flying with a kick. Luo Xi crashed heavily into the chair behind him and the chair was smashed into pieces. Excruciating pain filled his entire body but Luo Xi could only continue to kneel on the ground in a shivering heap, the blood flowing down freely from the corners of his mouth but he did not even dare to groan in the slightest.

    "Useless trash! You can't even deal with such a small matter, what use are you to me! ?" The black clothed man admonished as he glared at Luo Xi with a frown, his eyes filled with contempt.

    Luo Xi then said, his body still shaking: "I plead for the revered one to calm your anger! I have already tried everything within my means but that kid up in the city's north seems a little strange. All the great heaps of poison I threw in there had no effect and assassins I sent there did not even return."

    If he wasn't left with no other choice, Luo Xi would not have dared to agitate the revered one carelessly as the revered one's rage was not something he would be able to endure. But all the underhanded tricks and schemes he had devised against the city's north had been of no use. From the initial attempts of using poison till the last time he sent assassins to kill the youth, they had all failed just as miserably. In the end, when even the men who had only gone close to the city's north to keep watch had not been able to return alive, Luo Xi decided that he had no other choice but to invite the revered one here.

    "So, what happened here?" The black clothed man asked as he sat himself upon a chair, his brows furrowed as he stared at Luo Xi.

    Luo Xi immediately told the black clothed man about everything that had happened in the Clear Breeze City throughout this period and spiced up the part when he spoke about the City Lord's lack of action and effort towards it.

    "Luo Xi has disappointed the revered one's trust in me and Luo Xi is utterly ashamed! But that Young Master Jun's identity is truly rather suspicious and is not someone I am able to deal with. Being left with no other choice, I could only beg for the revered one to intervene."

    "Young Master Jun?"

    "Yes, his identity is highly mysterious and I have not been able to dig up anything at all."

    "From what you are telling me, it means that you have not even sent a single one of the "medicine man" out throughout this entire period?" The black clothed man's voice suddenly became chillier.

    The medicine men he mentioned, meant refugees who had been fed the poison.

    "That..... That's..... right....." Luo Xi stammered with a gulp, his head sinking even lower onto the ground.

    "What a bunch of useless trash!" The black clothed man shot to his feet in rage with a flick of his sleeves. "I am rather keen to see what kind of a person dares to stir up such turmoil here in this place!"
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