Chapter 1458: “Undercurrents (3)”

    Chapter 1458: "Undercurrents (3)"

    Inside the loft unit in the city's north, Jun Wu Xie was playing a round of chess with Jun Wu Yao. As she put down the chess piece, to take out one of Jun Wu Yao's chess pieces, Jun Wu Xie raised her head up and saw.....

    Someone's focus was completely not on the chessboard and was instead looking at her with an amused expression.

    "If you lose one more time, your punishment will be to go sweep the floor." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyebrow arched up.

    Jun Wu Yao was slightly taken aback and then laughed in spite of himself. "As long as you want it, I can go sweep even without having to lose."

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei kept their gazes looking stoically outside the window. With the subtle changes coming over Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao's relationship, the two of them had to face this display of affection that felt rather awkward for them, making them start to really envy Ye Jie who was busying herself downstairs.

    However, just as Jun Wu Xie was about to open her mouth to respond, she suddenly felt a powerful presence approaching her at an extremely high speed!

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed and she turned her head to look out of the window.

    "The big fish is finally biting."

    "Is Little Xie going to test out your powers?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he held up his chin resting upon his palm, his eyes fixed on the side of Jun Wu Xie's face.

    "Why not?" Jun Wu Xie replied with her eyebrow arched up.

    When Qiao Chu and the gang were at the Heaven's End Cliff, they had fought with people from the Twelve Palaces then. But as she had concentrated fully on her cultivation, she had not truly gone up against anyone from the Twelve Palaces. The only opportunity she had to use her powers was only against the Poison Men.

    She was rather curious herself how she would fare against people from the Twelve Palaces.

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh.

    "As you wish, but this one is not an average opponent. From what I am able to feel, his powers should be similar to that Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons." Although he was not going to be involved, Jun Wu Yao still did not forget to remind Jun Wu Xie of the opponent's powers.

    "If you can defeat him, then among the people throughout the Twelve Palaces, not many people would be a match for you."

    Throughout the Twelve Palaces, the Palace Lords were the ones who held the greatest power, followed by the Elder ranked ones. Elder Hui from before had been one of them and he had possessed very strong power or otherwise Ye Sha would not have succumbed at his hands that day. The person fast approaching them today actually possessed powers of a similar level to Elder Hui!

    Jun Wu Xie got up slowly. "Then I should really give it a good test."

    After having fished for so long and she had finally gotten a bite, how could she miss it?

    On the outside in the city's north, a black clothed man that was exuding a terrifying and murderous aura came. When the refugees nearby saw that person appear, they subconsciously gulped. Instinct made them unable to take another step forward and they all scattered to hide away carefully.

    The black clothed man's cold eyes surveyed the surroundings and he suddenly raised up a hand as Purple Spirit energies shrouded his entire body. A ray of Purple Spirit light shot out from his palm and immediately blasted against one of the lofts right before him!

    A resounding crash rang out in an instant and the tall loft building was smashed in an instant!

    Anguished wailing could then be heard in that instant!

    The refugees who had hidden themselves watched the scene before them with eyes wide and mouths agape. There were several hundreds people living in that block of lofts and with one loud crash, the lofts had toppled, pieces of rubble large and small scattering all over the ground, to kick up a billowing cloud of dust. Under that resounding crash, they could clearly hear the mournful cries that hailed from death!

    A thick foul stench of blood immediately spread through the air within the entire northern edge of the city, where several hundred lives had been destroyed together with the lofts in an instant.

    The refugees stared in disbelief at the loft building that lay a heap of rubble, terror creeping deep into the hearts of everyone there!
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