Chapter 1459: “Stick Your Face Out (1)”

    Chapter 1459: "Stick Your Face Out (1)"

    The black clothed man stood watching everything.  Under the cloud of dust flying, he stood with his eyes narrowed, his low and raspy voice suddenly reverberating within everyone's years.

    "I do not care who you might be. Today, if you do not appear, I will kill every single person here!" The black clothed man's voice was filled with intense murder, at the moment he opened his mouth, he had charged straight towards a refugee, holding the person within a tight grip.

    Luo Xi had followed behind and arrived here in a rush. When he saw the highly tyrannical ways of the black clothed man, his heart filled up with delight!

    He knew that the black clothed man held immense powers and everything he saw at that moment greatly relieved him.

    "The revered one is truly powerful." Luo Xi hurriedly stepped forward to bootlick.

    The black clothed man however just snorted in disdain.

    The refugee gripped in the black clothed man's hand had his face filled with terror and the others people around them were immensely shocked by the enemy's strength.

    A Purple Spirit!

    Even if every single one of them pounced on him, it would not be enough to take on that one man.

    What shocked all the refugees even more was the presence of Luo Xi beside the black clothed man. In the hearts of the refugees, Luo Xi was a good person and they would never have thought that the "great benefactor" they respected so highly would bring such a demon to this place.

    "Hey! That one named Jun! If you are going to continue to be a tortoise who hides within your shell today, then you shall see all these pieces of trash die right before your eyes!" With the black robed man on his side, Luo Xi's courage was immediately boosted as he stood upon the ground and shouted loudly.

    That highly arrogant demeanor, made all the refugees feel like jumping forward to tear that hypocrite into shreds.

    They must have been blind in the beginning, to actually think this sly jackal was a good person!

    "Smashed my lofts and you're still barking?" Suddenly, a cold chilly voice was heard by everyone's ears.

    All the refugees immediately turned their heads in search for the owner of that voice, expressions of joy brightening up the people's faces.

    The black clothed man's eyebrow raised up as he looked at the white clothed youth walking slowly in approach. That youth was small in stature and his countenance was unremarkable and looked mediocre, but the youth possessed a pair of extremely icy pair of eyes, which made one unable to forget them after seeing them once.

    "You are that Young Master Jun these people talked about?" The black clothed man said as he stared at Jun Wu Xie before him.

    He had not thought that the person who had driven Luo Xi and the City Lord to their wits end would actually be such a emaciated looking youth.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie answered, her eyebrow arching up. She could clearly feel how intense the Purple Spirit energy that was emanating from the black clothed man was.

    [Not an average character indeed.]

    "Good, at least you have the guts to admit it." The black clothed man said with a cold smile.

    The Clear Breeze City is not a place that you can stir up so much trouble. No matter who you are, you will have to die here today."

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow lifted, her chilly eyes swinging over to the black clothed man. "Stir trouble? Instead of saying that I stirred up trouble, you might as well say that I disrupted your grand scheme."

    Jun Wu Xie turned the point around, her eyes flashing with a frosty chill.

    "Allowing weak and frail refugees into the city and then feeding them with lethal poison to turn them into puppets to be manipulated under your hands, to finally carry that terrifying poison to various places throughout the lands in order to create more Poison Men..... What a great ploy! Treating people's lives trifling dirt! Who gave you that right to do whatever you please so arrogantly?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bolt of lightning that flashed down from clear skies, striking the hearts of all the refugees . Their eyes stared widely, unable to believe what they were hearing.

    Luo Xi looked at Jun Wu Xie and banking on the fact that he had the black clothed man supporting him, he took a step forward to say in a sneer: "To be able to serve the revered one should be their honour."
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