Chapter 1460: “Stick Your Face Out (2)”

    Chapter 1460: "Stick Your Face Out (2)"

    "What can these pieces of trash even do? They're just a completely useless bunch.  They should be grateful to the Heavens that they are even of use to the revered one. Otherwise, if they are all left outside the city, I wonder how many days longer they would even be able to live. Letting them live as freeloaders within the city walls for so long would already be a gift of benevolence to them." Luo Xi's words were extremely harsh which angered the refugees so much they were shaking in rage, their hearts yearning to rip that man up into a million pieces.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly, murder creeping into them.

    "Whether a person lives or dies, is not to be decided by people like you."

    "Ha! I'll say! Isn't this little kid thinking a little too much of himself? To think that you are still able to care about the affairs of others. You are going to die here today and I'll like to see how much longer that mouth of yours has to spew such garbage!" Luo Xi said triumphantly.

    The black clothed man had no intentions to waste his breath on Jun Wu Xie and he immediately raised his hand wanting to strike the refugee he held in a tight grip to death!

    But in the instant that his palm fell, the figure of Jun Wu Xie disappeared from her spot.

    A streak of Purple Spirit energy suddenly struck the hand that the black clothed man had raised up.

    The sudden strike that came caught the black robed man completely unawares. His palm took a hit and the pain stung greatly. In that moment that he was caught in surprise, the figure of Jun Wu Xie had reached right beside him, suddenly snatching the refugee he held in his other hand away, quickly delivering the refugee a distance off to safety.

    By the time Jun Wu Xie was once again standing firmly upon the ground, her body was already entirely shrouded in a flare of Purple Spirit power glow!

    Luo Xi stared in flabbergasted shock at the Purple Spirit energy swirling around Jun Wu Xie's body. He could absolutely not believe his own eyes! That the little youth of unknown identity would actually be.... a Purple Spirit!

    This time, not only Luo Xi was astounded. The eyes of the black clothed man were equally filled with surprise when he saw the Purple Spirit energy upon Jun Wu Xie's body.

    He realized that he had actually not detected what level of spirit power Jun Wu Xie really possessed earlier. It had been as if the spirit power in Jun Wu Xie's body had been shielded under some strange force and the black robed man had thought that the youth before his eyes was just another piece of trash that possessed spirit power too low for him to detect, never having once expected that the opponent would turn out to be a Purple Spirit as well!

    "Who will die today, has not been decided." Jun Wu Xie said softly, her chin slightly lifted as she stared at the ashen faced Luo Xi.

    The sudden appearance of two powerful Purple Spirits immediately caused a stir among all the hidden eyes within the city. All of them immediately rushed towards the spot the presence of two Purple Spirits had appeared!

    "Lord Jue." Ye Sha and Ye Mei appeared behind Jun Wu Yao.

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao's gaze did not shift away from Jun Wu Xie in the slightest.

    "There are quite a number of powerful energies headed towards us here and they are all deemed to be at the Purple Spirit level." Ye Sha said in a cold stoic tone.

    The corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips curled up. "Seems like this Clear Breeze City has quite a few small shrimps and little fishes inside and they can now smell the news so they're all rushing over."

    "Would Lord Jue want the few of us to go take them....."

    "No need." Jun Wu Yao waved his hand dismissively as he continued to look at Jun Wu Xie and the black clothed man staring at each other and then said: "Little Xie would face up against the Twelve Palaces sooner or later. She is no longer the same as before and she can use this battle here today to serve a warning to the Twelve Palaces that the Lower Realm now has a new owner."

    "But if the others were to strike as well....." Ye Sha could not help but still feel a little worried.

    Jun Wu Yao instead told him: "Nobody will want to do such a thing that does not benefit them at all. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. No one will want to play the mantis and let people from the other palaces to reap the benefits. But just in case, if they really dare to show their faces, then let Ye Gu go warm up a little."
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