Chapter 1461: “Stick Your Face Out (3)”

    Chapter 1461: "Stick Your Face Out (3)"

    Ye Jie who had been completely silent on the side had upon hearing Jun Wu Yao's words which had barely just started to fade, instantly transformed into Ye Gu, who rubbed his fists in anticipation, all ready to kick up a huge whirl of a storm.

    "Lord Jue you can be most assured that if they dare to stick their heads out, I guarantee that not a single one of them would be able to leave the Clear Breeze City alive." Ye Gu's face was one of bloodthirsty excitement. As the Commander in Chief of the Night Regime, he had guarded the tomb for too long and he had yearned for so long to engage himself in an exhilarating bloodbath.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled and did not say anything else.

    Outside the loft, Jun Wu Xie and the black clothed man were faced against each other. The initially highly arrogant Luo Xi had from the moment he saw the Purple Spirit glow upon Jun Wu Xie's body immediately clamped his mouth shut. Even with the black robed man's support, he didn't dare to go provoke a Purple Spirit directly!

    "Which one of the palaces are you from?" The black clothed man asked as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. He didn't believe that anyone would be able to break through to the Purple Spirit at such a young age here in the Lower Realm. Although a Purple Spirit was able to retain a person's youth, but the youth they were able to maintain would not be to such a ridiculous extent. Even in the Middle Realm, those who were able to break through to the Purple Spirit at that young a age would be considered a rare prodigy few and far between.

    "Which palace?" Jun Wu Xie sneered coldly. "I do not come from any of the palaces. Under these Heavens, not only you people from the Twelve Palaces are able to do as you please. These lands your feet are standing on belong to the Lower Realm and it is not a place for you people from the Middle Realm to meddle with!"

    "Such audacious words! Do you really think having become a Purple Spirit means absolute might? Let me teach you now, the difference between one Purple Spirit and another Purple Spirit!" At the very moment the black clothed man's voice fell, he had already turned into a streak of purple light, speedily leaping straight towards Jun Wu Xie!

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie had also turned into a purple streak at that same moment.

    The glow from the two purple coloured spirit lights were like two flashes of lightning, crisscrossing over each other up in the air under the open sky!

    The oppressive pressure that was flaring out from the two Purple Spirits locked in combat caused the refugees standing at the sides to feel it was rather hard to breathe.

    Hidden within the shadows, pairs of eyes watched the great battle intently, paying attention to everything that was unfolding before them.

    "Where had that kid come from? From the way he spoke, he didn't sound like he was from the Twelve Palaces, or should I say he didn't even sound like he was from the Middle Realm at all. And he's still so young, could it be that the Lower Realm had also produced such an astoundingly demonic prodigy as well?" A man said with a frown on his face as he continued to stare at Jun Wu Xie who was battling the black clothed man.

    "If that is true, the demarcation of powers here in the Lower Realm will surely change. I have seen that black clothed man before and he is one of the Elders from the Palace of Flame Demons. Although his powers isn't among the most elite, he's still not someone we will be able to take on. But that kid is actually fighting him without falling into a disadvantageous situation, that point alone had really surprised me rather greatly." Another man then said, rubbing his chin.

    A person that was able to fight on par with an Elder of the Twelve Palaces was uncommonly seen and this group of people who had hidden themselves within the Clear Breeze City had not made any moves because they discovered that the Palace of Flame Demons had sent out one of their Elders to take charge of this place.

    With just the few of them, they would not be able to take down an Elder.

    The same thought seemed to have sprouted within the minds of all the men from the Middle Realm hidden within the shadows. They watched on quietly at everything that was happening, not knowing that what they were witnessing was the very beginning of the rise of the Lower Realm!

    The black clothed man and Jun Wu Xie had battled only for a few short minutes but they had executed no less than a hundred strikes. He had thought with his opponent's young age, even if he had broken through to the Purple Spirit, his powers would not be stable yet, but after cruising swords, the threat that Jun Wu Xie brought to him, went way beyond his expectations!
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