Chapter 1462: “Stick Your Face Out (4)”

    Chapter 1462: "Stick Your Face Out (4)"

    The powerful strikes came one after another relentlessly, without the slowing down in the slightest!

    It caught the black clothed man by surprise and if he had not seen Jun Wu Xie's countenance clearly before and knew his opponent's young age, the black clothed man would really have thought that Jun Wu Xie was an Elder from one of the other palaces in disguise.

    But the black clothed man did not know that though Jun Wu Xie might be young, but her innate gift had truly been Heaven defying and added to that, she had pursued her cultivation in the Dark Emperor's tomb without rest throughout many days and nights, the efforts she had poured in was no less than anyone else.

    Another thing that pushed her to such an extent besides her gift and hard work was due to her possessing the most tyrannical piece of magical artifact protecting and fortifying her strength, coupled with the mightiest and most powerful Dark Emperor of the Middle Realms' personal instruction in her cultivation. These two factors had caused Jun Wu Xie's powers to grow and elevate at a speed that far exceeded any other person could hope to achieve!

    The light from the energy of spirit power streaked and flashed continuously, the multitude of resounding crashes reverberating within everyone's ears so hard they hurt.

    Not even in his dreams would the black clothed man ever have thought that he, as a respected Elder of the Palace of the Flame Demons would one day be pushed back so hard by a young youth from the Lower Realm.

    Having initially thought that he would be able to send Jun Wu Xie right into Hell within a short period of time, after they had traded multiple punches after countless strikes, the black clothed man realized that he had to summon every single ounce of his abilities in this battle. From the day that he became an Elder of the Palace of the Flame Demons, he had never encountered such an infuriating thing!

    What made him even more frustrated was when he discovered that the kid's moves were becoming more smooth and more precise as the battle progressed, the strikes becoming sharper and his opponent's spirit power seemingly inexhaustible. Every strike was more ferocious than the one before and as his own spirit power drained, the black clothed man's heart grew agitated which messed up the execution of his moves.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes noticed all of it. After attaining the Purple Spirit, the amount of time she had been able to employ its powers were very short and hence she had not gotten a complete grasp of her Purple Spirit powers. But through this battle, she had been able to fill up and smoothen out those gaps she had not been familiar with and instead of saying that she was fighting with all might with the black clothed man, it might rather be said that she treated the opponent as a sparring partner, never having the intention of seeking to end the battle quickly, but more to maintain a situation where they would be equally matched.

    Towards this point, it might not be obvious to others who were watching, but to the bunch of people from the other Twelve Palaces who were hidden in the Clear Breeze City, it couldn't be any clearer to them.

    On the surface, the black clothed man looked to be evenly matched with Jun Wu Xie, but they had all been able to see that Jun Wu Xie was not using all her powers at all, looking like the kid was just toying with his opponent.

    "There is no need to continue watching. Let's go back. The Palace of the Flame Demons have lost really dearly this time round. To think that such a demonic devil would appear in the Lower Realm. Our missions here in the Lower Realm from now onwards would surely be harder to carry on." A man who decided that he had seen enough said, before he immediately turned and departed.

    Rather than to remain here and waste his time, he would rather bring this news back to the Elder back in the palace.

    Very soon, the hidden members of the Twelve Palaces all left, silently and unnoticed. They weren't about to wait around for Jun Wu Xie to discover them and drag them out to give them a brutal thrashing.


    They were all not at the level of an Elder. If even that black clothed man was helpless against Jun Wu Xie, they would all be much less of a match.

    All of that had taken place in secret, unknown to anyone.

    The situation was becoming worse for the black clothed man. Jun Wu Xie had suddenly seemed to have had enough. At the moment that the black clothed man attempted to turn the situation around, Jun Wu Xie raised her spirit powers to its peak in that instant!

    With a strong and powerful kick, she sent the black clothed man hurtling straight towards the ground!

    A loud crash erupted!

    The cloud of dust kicked up was immense.....
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