Chapter 1463: “Stick Your Face Out (5)”

    Chapter 1463: "Stick Your Face Out (5)"

    The black clothed man shot like a arrow and struck the ground heavily, creating a wide and deep hole in the earth as copious amounts of blood spurted out from his mouth.

    Luo Xi was flabbergasted with terror by the scene before his eyes and he fell back onto the ground with a crash, unable to believe everything that was happening.

    The revered one had been defeated..... defeated by a youth.....

    How was that possible! ?

    The absolute belief in his heart had crumbled in an instant and Luo Xi's face was ashen as his teeth chattered helplessly.

    That battle was not one that the average person was able to see clearly and everyone had only seen streaks of Purple Spirit light flash. Even till the battle ended, many of the people still had not recovered from their shock.

    The gazes of the refugees then fell at the same time upon Jun Wu Xie.

    The tiny figure stood silently upright upon the ground, his facial features delicately attractive, his gaze like frosty snow. He was obviously at just such a young age but he truly astounded the hearts of man.

    In an instant, the area just in front of the lofts erupted with a raucous cheer!

    The cheering shook the Heavens, celebrating Jun Wu Xie's victory.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the black clothed man who had fallen to the ground and wasn't moving at all. She had not taken his life as she had some things she wanted to ask him.

    The black robed man lay within a pool of blood, every single bone within his body feeling like they had been crushed to bits. He absolutely could not believe that he would be defeated so completely. There was no need to even mention being on par with Jun Wu Xie at all. When Jun Wu Xie had executed that last strike, he had been completely unable to defend against it at all.

    And it was from that moment that he began to fully realise that all the way from the beginning, Jun Wu Xie had not been fighting with all of her powers!

    Powers that would seemingly be able to go against the Palace Lords themselves!

    That a youth that was just in his mere teens would possess powers capable of rivalling those of the Lords of the Twelve Palaces was just absolutely unbelievable.

    The fall of the black robed man caused Luo Xi to become so badly gripped by terror his entire body was trembling. He had fallen to the ground as he watched Jun Wu Xie slowly approaching them, shivering as he shifted his behind, wanting to escape from the place.

    "Now, whose time is it to die today?" Jun Wu Xie asked as her gaze slowly fell onto Luo Xi's body, her eyes completely expressionless.

    But that one look had made Luo Xi instantly stop breathing. His throat felt as if someone was strangling him, causing him to be unable to utter a single sound.

    Jun Wu Xie's hand slowly lifted and a Purple Spirit light suddenly shot out towards Luo Xi's head!

    All of a sudden!

    Luo Xi forehead was pierced by that spirit light in between the brows, a bloody hole had appeared suddenly on his forehead. He did not even have time to scream out before he fell stiffly onto the dusty ground.

    The thick bloody stench pervaded the surrounding air and Jun Wu Xie turned her gaze onto the unmoving black clothed man, not an ounce of pity within her eyes.

    "Who.... Who are you actually?" The black clothed man asked weakly as he lay in a heap on the ground. He still could not accept just how utterly he had been defeated.

    "Someone from the Lower Realm." Jun Wu Xie replied coldly.

    The black clothed man then said through gritted teeth. "Kill me....."

    "When I want you dead, I will then naturally kill you." After saying that, Jun Wu Xie turned around and walked away.

    After she departed, the figure of Ye Sha quickly appeared and carried up the black clothed man, bringing him away.

    After a astounding battle, peace returned. Everyone who witnessed the battle today deeply felt fear of the Purple Spirit's powers.

    The black clothed man was dragged back to the loft that Jun Wu Xie occupied and guarded by Ye Sha. Although he was severely injured, those injuries would not yet cause him to lose his life for a period. Jun Wu Xie still had time to dig out everything she would want to know from the man's mouth.
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