Chapter 1464: “Stick Your Face Out (6)”

    Chapter 1464: "Stick Your Face Out (6)"

    The black robed man was placed inside a room by Ye Sha. Jun Wu Xie made Ye Sha give the black robed man some medicine to stabilise his breathing so that he would not fall unconscious.

    That black clothed man sat leaning against the side of the bed weakly, all his meridians sealed by Jun Wu Xie's spirit powers. He was only able to move his mouth now and his eyes were cold and hard, as they stared at Jun Wu Xie, looking like they wished for nothing more than to cut her up and swallow her raw.

    "When your skills are proven inferior, you have to accept your fate." Jun Wu Xie said as she sat down upon a chair by the side, her chin propped up by one hand as she gazed nonchalantly at the black clothed man.

    "Just who are you!" The black clothed man still could not believe that Jun Wu Xie was really a person from the Lower Realm. What the Lower Realm was like, was well known by them and if the Lower Realm really could produce such a powerful Heaven defying monster, they wouldn't have had to suffer being oppressed so badly by the Middle Realm for so many years.

    "Who that is, is not something that you are even fit to ask about." A voice suddenly rang out.

    Jun Wu Yao came walking slowly to appear at the door, the corners of his mouth curled up in a faint smile, his gaze not looking upon the black clothed man in the slightest but was fixed upon Jun Wu Xie.

    However, at the moment that the black robed man was able to see Jun Wu Yao's countenance clearly, his eyes suddenly bulged out in an incredulous stare, red blood veins filling up his eyes as he continued to stare at Jun Wu Yao, looking like he had seen a ghost!

    "Now you've frightened him." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Jun Wu Yao lazily.

    To  which Jun Wu Yao replied: "I do not think that my looks will really have such a devastating effect."

    "Maybe he recognizes you." Jun Wu Xie said with a lift of an eyebrow.

    Jun Wu Yao merely smiled and did not say anything.

    But the black clothed man's mouth was suddenly chattering incessantly and his face had immediately drained of all colour from terror, looking more horrified than he had looked when he found himself defeated by Jun Wu Xie!

    "Dark..... Dark Emperor....." The two highly terrifying words stumbled out from the black clothed man's mouth as his face turned a deathly pallor while his eyes became fixed upon Jun Wu Yao who went to sit down beside Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Yao's smile was calm and he did not react but it was Jun Wu Xie who instead arched her eyebrow up slightly and said: "He's addressing you."

    Jun Wu Yao's face was one of confusion. "I didn't know that!"

    "Pretender." Jun Wu Xie said as she swept a sidelong gaze over from Jun Wu Yao, but was not going to pursue whether he was going to continue denying his identity.

    After the pitiable and unfortunate black clothed saw Jun Wu Yao, he was so terror struck he almost lost his mind. Before Jun Wu Xie, he was still able to put on a front of false bravado, but once Jun Wu Yao appeared, he immediately became like a deflated balloon and was shaking pitifully like willows in the wind.

    It had been a long time since the Dark Emperor had fallen and the black clothed man had never seen the Dark Emperor's real countenance. But among the Twelve Palaces, they had always kept old portraits of the Dark Emperor, works of art that were highly lifelike, the only difference from the man before his eyes now was the colour of the eyes, and besides that, it was a complete match.

    Although the Dark Emperor was no longer around, his unparalleled fame and glory had never disappeared from the Middle Realm, those two words were like a curse that remained within everyone's hearts.

    It could be that Jun Wu Yao's presence had truly terrified the black clothed man as his reactions after that became more retarded. Although when Jun Wu Xie asked him about some things, he had truthfully revealed everything he knew. It wasn't that he had no backbone, but.....

    Before the Dark Emperor, no one dared to resist or defy him in the slightest. The Dark Emperor's exploits, were still well talked about in the Middle Realm till this day.

    The black clothed man wouldn't want any instances that he might be thought to be uncooperative to draw the Dark Emperor's "attention" to him. The Dark Emperor's wrath was not something he was prepared to face at all!
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