Chapter 1465: “The Rise of the Lower Realm (1)”

    Chapter 1465: "The Rise of the Lower Realm (1)"

    The interrogation progressed very smoothly, so smoothly that Jun Wu Xie could not help but start to think that she would not have to do anything else henceforth. She would only need to push Jun Wu Yao forward and place him before the people of the Twelve Palaces which would then bring all of them to come flying over to grovel and fawn before them?

    But of course, she was just merely giving that a thought. The fact that Jun Wu Yao had not revealed his real identity all this time told her that he had his own reasons for it. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie was not willing to depend on another person all that much.

    From the dark clothed man's mouth, she had come to realize that just like the two men back in the Cloudy Peaks, they had come from the Palace of the Flame Demons and the kind of poison they had forced into the bodies of the refugees was different from that in the Condor Country. The one they used now had been specially modified from the previous poison used.

    The Palace of Flames Demons had taken so much effort to strike this time because the Middle Realm had become much less peaceful and the Palaces of Flame Demons wanted to take the chance to bolster their powers and position, seeking to oppress the other eleven palaces. They had then decided to strike the Lower Realm. After they unified and gained control of the Lower Realm, they would be able to gain monopoly towards the search of the Dark Emperor's tomb, and obstruct the other palaces from their missions down here.

    "The Middle Realm is becoming less peaceful? What does that mean?" Jun Wu Xie asked as her eyebrow lifted with interest.

    The black clothed man then explained it to her honestly.

    The Middle Realm had always been demarcated into One Region, Four Sides and Twelve Palaces. But because the Dark Region went into reclusion, the originally balanced powers gradually broke down as the years passed. The Twelve Palaces seeked to suppress the powers of the Nine Temples and the Nine Temples did nothing to stop them, which just encouraged the Twelve Palaces to become more aggressive.

    If fact, besides the Palace of Flame Demons, the level of activity in the other palaces had been growing as well but just that their methods and objectives were different.

    The strength of the Palace of Flame Demons among the Twelve Palaces had grown stronger day by day which emboldened them to create such a big ruckus while the other palaces only dared to make their moves discreetly.

    The Four Sides had always been steady and stable, always remaining aloof from worldly affairs while the Nine Temples had always held the Twelve Palaces in check. The individual palaces among the Twelve Palaces had since been consolidating their strength to prepare themselves to suppress the Nine Temples in retaliation as after the Dark Region went into reclusion, the only ones that would vie for the reigning position were only the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples. The Four Sides had always remained low profile in their actions and they never got themselves involved in any conflict.

    The Palace of Flame Demons had wanted to win themselves a big advantage this time round but Jun Wu Xie had suddenly appeared to completely disrupt their grand plan.

    The black clothed man had truthfully revealed everything that he knew and when Jun Wu Xie had sent him on his way to meet his maker, his eyes had actually showed relief that was tinged with a sense of liberation.

    "Looks like the Middle Realm might have become rather tumultuous as well." Ye Mei said rather ruefully. Having not gone back for so long, he didn't really know what the Middle Realm had changed into.

    "Isn't this a good opportunity for us now?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow slightly lifted, a cold glint shining within her eyes. She had initially wanted to become strong in order to protect the people she cared about. Now that she possessed the power, placed before her eyes at that moment was not just her own safety alone.

    As the Twelve Palaces were seeking to seize the reign of the Middle Realm, they would definitely drag the Lower Realm into their schemes. The Lower Realm currently did not possess sufficient power to go against the Middle Realm and though Jun Wu Xie did not want to immerse herself into these muddied waters, her family however existed here within the Lower Realm. After witnessing the Middle Realm treating people here in the Lower Realm as mere pawns, she felt that she could not tolerate it any longer.

    "Since the Middle Realm seems to be in the midst of undergoing a major reshuffling, why don't they..... count us, the Lower Realm, in as well." Jun Wu Xie said with the corners of her mouth curled up in a sinister looking smile.

    Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie. "What are you thinking of doing?"

    Jun Wu Xie relied: "Nothing much. Just to make them not continue to see people in the Lower Realm as mere ants that they can exterminate at will, that's all."
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