Chapter 1466: “The Rise of the Lower Realm (2)”

    Chapter 1466: "The Rise of the Lower Realm (2)"

    The scheme the Palace of Flame Demons were carrying out, was crushed by Jun Wu Xie. Everything within the Clear Breeze City returned to normal. The City Lord was picked up and brought before Jun Wu Xie who gave him an unforgettable and sobering education where he swore to carry out his responsibilities dutifully, and even coughing out all the riches he had gobbled up previously to provide aid to the refugees. The restriction of allowing only three hundred refugees into the city daily was also lifted and huge batches of refugees surged into the city.

    As the refugees in the city's north were all still feeling highly grateful to Jun Wu Xie's great benevolence and kindness, all of them were not aware that their benefactor had already stepped upon her journey home.

    The Poison Men's source had collapsed and as the numbers of the Poison Men army would no longer increase, Jun Wu Xie with Jun Wu Yao and his men began immersing themselves into the major battlefields, cleaning out the scourge the Poison Men army was.

    All over the Lower Realm, reports of victory were being received. The countries then combined their might to fight against the enemy. With the mastermind controlling them behind the scenes, the Poison Men were like ants who had lost their antennas, completely unable to form themselves up as an effective force. The armies of the various countries rode on their momentum, morale high on successive victories, to completely eradicate the Poison Men from the face of the Lower Realm.

    This war, from start to finish, had taken an entire year's time. It was only until the very last Poison Man had been taken down that everyone was finally able to heave a sigh of relief.

    The occurrence of the catastrophe, had shattered the peace the Lower Realm originally enjoyed, and the demarcation of powers between the countries had been stirred up into a chaotic mess.

    Many of the countries had suffered very heavy losses where even of the rulers had fallen in the chaotic battles and there were also quite a number of small countries that were wiped out by the Poison Men. The arrival of victory had also brought them to face up to the many wounds the war had left behind.

    Originally, the loose scattering of countries that made up the Lower Realm had numbered over a hundred in total. But after having suffered the charge from the Poison Men army, the countries that still remained had not even been half of the original number. Even if their rulers were still present, their country had been changed to be beyond recognition from the fiery war. The Poison Men were created with the living as their foundation, meaning both the Poison Men that died and the soldiers who were killed in the war were all people from the Lower Realm, hence this was a truly great disaster that completely broke the tranquility the Lower Realm had mostly enjoyed for so long.

    In regards to the situation, the three country alliance with the Fire Country taking the lead, took the initiative to send out an invite to all the rulers of the individual countries, inviting them all to gather together in the Fire Country's Imperial Capital.

    After having undergone this disastrous catastrophe, all the countries that had been fortunate enough to still remain, almost all of them had received the favour of reinforcements from the three country alliance. The trust they had towards the three country alliance now far exceeded what they had previously given to any other country in the past.

    All the rulers in the Lower Realm gathered in the Fire Country's Imperial Capital and they remained in the city for seven whole days. In those seven days, what the rulers heard and seen, was not made known to anyone else.

    The only thing everyone throughout the lands knew, was ever since that seven day meeting ended, the entire face of the Lower Realm changed completely!

    After all the rulers returned to their countries, they all announced in the first instance that they were giving up all rights and authourity over their countries, and the individual countries would no longer exist. From that day onwards, there was only one country in the eyes of all of the people in the Lower Realm. The Land of Emergence.

    The Lower Realm was combined into one, where there was no longer any division between countries. All the original rulers of the respective countries gave up on the reverence due to their Imperial Crown, to become Elders in the Land of Emergence.

    Meanwhile, the identity of the person leading the entire Land of Emergence was highly mysterious. The entire Lower Realm only knew they still had one ruler, but they did not know who that person was.

    When the Land of Emergence was born, the people of the Lower Realm received a highly astounding piece of news at the same time. All of them would have the chance to experience the might of the Purple Spirit!

    A type of mysterious technique was spread to many places all over the Lower Realm. The secret that was once exclusively known only to the Middle Realm had its mysterious veil uncovered at that moment, to be revealed to everyone in the Lower Realm.

    The Lower Realm was quietly changing and all of this was not noticed by the Middle Realm, as the Middle Realm themselves were also welcoming a wave of transformation themselves.
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