Chapter 1467: “The Rise of the Lower Realm (3)”

    Chapter 1467: "The Rise of the Lower Realm (3)"

    Just as the people in the Lower Realm were still learning to get used to all of this, a band of people were instead quietly moseying their way out from what had originally been the Fire Country's Imperial Capital.

    "I'll say..... Do you really think that it's nice for you to just dump such a mess here and then slipping away in escape like this?" Qiao Chu asked as he adjusted the cloth bundle upon on his back with a doubtful look upon his face before climbing up onto the carriage.

    The Lower Realm was torn apart and reassembled to become singularly whole. Jun Wu Xie had used her name as the Emperor of the Fire Country to invite all the rulers to gather together and revealed to them the existence of the Middle Realm, and all that they had done in the Lower Realm in all those years past. The Lower Realm was weak and if they did not unite as one, in future, they would only end up like poultry that the Middle Realm could slaughter at will.

    If not for the catastrophic attack by the Poison Men this time, the rulers might not even believe Jun Wu Xie's words. But after having experienced it themselves, they understood that that was strength that they could never hope to fight against.

    Dissolving all existing country boundaries and divisions and leaving behind only the characters that read "Land of Emergence". The Lower Realm when cohesively aggregated into one, their combined strength would become a force that was not to be underestimated. And Jun Wu Xie had also taught all the rulers the method to temporarily elevate their spirit power levels, obviously seeking to use the quickest way to shorten the disparity in power between the Lower Realm and the Middle Realm.


    Though everything had progressed smoothly, at the end of it all, Jun Wu Xie had suddenly been pushed by the whole bunch of immensely grateful rulers who were almost on the verge of tears to assume the lone throne as the only Emperor, which was completely unforeseen by Jun Wu Xie.

    Resulting in.....

    Her dragging her whole gang of companions and comrades to quickly take flight to seek safety.

    Jun Wu Xie paused a slight moment before she said: "For the Lower Realm to reach the levels the Middle Realm is at, it will require another period of time. And that period of time that they need, will be what we are going to fight to get for them." Jun Wu Xie had dragged all her little comrades out and was prepared to head straight towards the Middle Realm. From what the Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons had said, the Middle Realm hadn't been too peaceful recently which would suit their purposes perfectly.

    "Why am I feeling that this all sounds just like an excuse?" Qiao Chu asked as he stole a glance at Jun Wu Xie. The hasty way she was carrying this out felt too much like they were just running away.

    After Jun Wu Xie climbed onto the horse carriage, she realized that Jun Wu Yao was still standing outside and had not followed her inside. Her eyes immediately filled up with doubt.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled at her and said: "You go first. I still have some unfinished business to deal with."

    Although he wished that he could accompany her by her side, he could only choose to temporarily part with her.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Jun Wu Yao, like she wanted to brand that countenance deep into her heart. She finally nodded her head and sat back down in the carriage.

    Watching the horse carriages slowly departing, Jun Wu Yao stood with his hands behind his back.

    Ye Mei stood behind him. This time Jun Wu Yao sent Ye Sha and Ye Gu to stay by Jun Wu Xie's side, to ensure her safety.

    "Lord Jue." Ye Mei looked at the side of Jun Wu Yao's face, and he could faintly feel that Jun Wu Yao's eyes seemed to be tinged with a faint trace of melancholy.

    [Lord Jue actually..... must have wanted to accompany the Young Miss very much.....]

    "Ye Mei, Little Xie has only just left. Why do I miss her already?" Jun Wu Yao said as he stared at the horse carriage gradually going further away, the smile on his face slowly fading as a stifling feeling choked up in his chest.

    Ye Mei lowered his head, only able to sigh soundlessly.

    Jun Wu Yao was silent for a while and he finally averted his gaze away.

    It wasn't that he was not willing to accompany her to the Middle Realm, but if he appeared in the Middle Realm at her side, those people would surely pick up on his trail. If it was just he himself, it would be fine, but he did not want to implicate Jun Wu Xie into that kind of danger.

    "It's is really rather tiresome." Jun Wu Yao said as he raised his hand, a glint of murder flashing briefly in his eyes.

    [Really wish to quickly send those people right into Hell.]
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