Chapter 1468: “The Middle Realm (1)”

    Chapter 1468: "The Middle Realm (1)"

    Upon the lush green mountains, clear waters meandered through, and birds sang among fragrant flowers.

    A convoy of horse carriages rolled towards a mountain stream, the cars filled with a number of highly exuberant youths.

    "I wonder how many more earth shaking prodigies would appear in this year's Battle of Deities Grand Meet." A youth said excitedly as he stared at the scenery outside the window, his eyes filled with anticipation.

    The Battle of Deities that the Middle Realm held once every ten years had suddenly been brought forward to this year.

    The Battle of Deities extended their invitation to everyone below twenty five years of age, open to all youths and young men who were not aligned to any powers to participate. The Battle of Deities Grand Meet held many different types of competitions. From spirit power to ring spirits, medical skills to forging for example, as long as one was able to come out tops, they would gain themselves extremely good prospects to advance their crafts.

    The Battle of Deities that was held once every ten years had become a tournament meet that attracted the most attention. Countless people had cracked their brains to come up with ways to squeeze themselves into it, fighting for a chance to show off their abilities, a gamble for greater prospects for their future.

    The people throughout the world all knew that the powers of the Middle Realm was mainly divided into One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces. The kind of power the One Region held in those years past, was something nobody had forgotten. But when the Dark Emperor fell, the One Region had gone into reclusion and no longer involved themselves in the Middle Realm's worldly affairs. The Four Sides had always maintained a highly neutral stance for the longest time and had never initiated any kind of provocation against anyone, also never allowing anyone to join their ranks as well.

    And in the recent few years, the Nine Temples had seemingly not expanded much and were gradually being overtaken by the Twelve Palaces. Having the Battle of Deities Grand Meet brought forward this time had also been the doing of the Twelve Palaces.

    Everyone knew it clearly in their hearts that the Twelve Palaces were seeking to use this opportunity to fish for more talented individuals to boost their powers but it was thought that the Nine Temples would definitely not allow them to have it their way so easily.

    This year's seemingly innocuous Battle of Deities Grand Meet was actually filled with hidden dangers but all of that were not things that the youths in that convoy of horse carriages could grasp or understand. They had all come from a little faraway town in the Middle Realm where the townsfolk had pooled together the money to get these few horse carriages to send their youths to the Battle of Deities Grand Meet. The townsfolk did not yearn for the youths to come out tops in the tournament but just thought that letting the youths go there would gain them some knowledge and experience which would be a good enough result for them.

    Just as the group of youths who were all getting pink cheeked from the rush of excitement, a small petite figure sat quietly without making a sound in a corner of the carriage car. Her eyes were lowered and she just looked silently at the little cat in her arms, seemingly not paying any attention to the excited chatter around her.

    "Meow." The little black cat purred, looking at Jun Wu Xie as it swished its tail lazily.

    [Mistress, between us, Dumb Qiao and the others, who do you think will reach the Battle of Deities Grand Meet first?]

    Jun Wu Xie just shook her head silently.

    The few of them had arrived in the Middle Realm five days ago. The route that led to the Middle Realm from the Lower Realm had been strange. When they were just at the fringe areas, they had only seen some small villages scattered around. But grab any one of the youths from any of those small villages and one would find that their powers far exceeded any similar aged person one saw in the Lower Realm.

    Not long after they had just settled themselves in those small villages, they had then heard the news about the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, which quickly made Jun Wu Xie's small team of youths split themselves up completely.

    With just the powers of the few of them, thinking to obliterate the entire Twelve Palaces would not be that simple a task.

    But if they were able to lodge a Soul Purging Nail deep into the Twelve Palaces' critical meridian, then it would all become easy for them.

    Jun Wu Xie and her companions split themselves up six ways, seeking to complete a near impossible task.

    The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up into a chilling smile.

    The Twelve Palaces had been stirring up so much turmoil in the Lower Realm for so many years. It was high time the wheel of fortune was turned against them now.
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