Chapter 1469: “The Middle Realm (2)”

    Chapter 1469: "The Middle Realm (2)"

    The Battle of Deities Grand Meet was to be held at the summit of Mount Fu Yao. The wheels on the horse carriages turned and rumbled the entire way, and when they came to the foot of the mountain, the carriages had to stop there, where its passengers would then have to walk up on foot.

    Jun Wu Xie followed the small group of youths and stopped at the foot of the mountain with them, everyone of them carrying bundles of luggage big and small upon their bodies, looking highly conspicuous. It was obvious that these youths here had come from faraway tiny little villages. Their clothes were simple and plain and while they had not seemed out of place before, now that they were here at the foot of Mount Fu Yao, looking at all the other people in the crowd who were of rather similar ages lavishly dressed in smooth silk and fine satin, this group of children suddenly felt a little ill at ease, standing out quite a bit differently.

    Of course, those feelings of ill ease did not include Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie came down from the horse carriage carrying the little black cat. Her dress was highly common and her face was that of a youth after she altered it, looking like she would immediately be completely overlooked, the moment she fell into the crowd.

    Mount Fu Yao was named a mountain, and its surface area was highly vast. The vegetation along the mountain streams were said to hold dense levels of spirit energy.

    When Jun Wu Xie arrived here in the Middle Realm, she had immediately discovered that the spirit energy in the air here was denser than it was in the Lower Realm. Regardless whether it was the water source or its food, the spirit energy they had held was several times the levels it was in the Lower Realm. People in the Middle Realm grew up and cultivated from a young age under such conditions where spirit energy was so plentiful, hence, their basic foundations far exceeded that of the people in the Lower Realm.

    Especially for people like her who possessed plant ring spirits, where they were able to feel the spirit energy surrounding them more distinctly. Although she had already broken through to the Purple Spirit, upon setting foot into the Middle Realm, Jun Wu Xie discovered that even if she did not intentionally cultivate her powers, she was still able to achieve a good amount of increase of her powers.

    "Little Xie, we'll be starting up the mountain in a while. It is said that it's a long way from the foot of the mountain up to the top. Will it really be alright for you to go up there like this with your hands all empty? Aren't you going to prepare a few things at least?" Her little companions on this journey had readied themselves and were about to set forth. One of them had noticed that Jun Wu Xie was carrying nothing but just that little black cat with her and could not help but ask a little worriedly.

    They only knew that the small sized "boy" before them was called Little Xie and he had only suddenly appeared in their village not long ago. As to where he had come from, none of them knew anything about it.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    The young youth scratched his head and was feeling a little helpless on what else he could say. Another one of the youths then pulled on his sleeve and whispered to him: "Why are you being such a busybody? If he doesn't want to prepare anything, then leave him be. What are you being so worried about?"

    Hearing the whisper, several other youths nodded in agreement. They were not ostracising Jun Wu Xie but it was just that Jun Wu Xie had really not spoken much to all of them. Throughout the long journey here, she had not opened her mouth even ten times to speak. Faced with such a cold little companion on their journey, the group of youths really couldn't make themselves come to like the little youth.

    "I was just feeling that he looked rather pitiful that's all. My mother always told me, we are all born from the same land and it is always good if we can look out for each other."

    "In what way is he pitiful? He obviously can't even be bothered with us and we should not poke our noses into his affairs." Several of the other youths started to say and they began dragging the friendly big fella away, leaving Jun Wu Xie to stand there alone to watch the densely packed crowd of people all around.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her head to look at the green mountain before her. Mount Fu Yao was abundant with spirit energy, more plentiful than others places and in her mind, she quickly recalled everything Fei Yan had tutored her in, about things in the Middle Realm.

    Fei Yan and her other companions had still been very young when they were in the Middle Realm and everything they knew about the place was only what they had heard from others, never having gone to the places themselves. She had been told that Mount Fu Yao was said to be one of the most famous places in the Middle Realm.

    As Mount Fu Yao was filled with an abundant amount of spirit energy, it was a place most suited for cultivation. But as Mount Fu Yao had previously belonged to the Dark Region, only people who had the permission from the Dark Region were allowed to practice cultivation within the mountain.
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