Chapter 1470: “The Middle Realm (3)”

    Chapter 1470: "The Middle Realm (3)"

    And after the Dark Region retreated into reclusion, the land of this place was split up to be under the purview of the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces.

    Upon Mount Fu Yao, besides it being used to hold the Battle of Deities every ten years, there was also a highly unique academy. That academy was jointly built by the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples for the purpose of making it more convenient for them to develop talented members. And to gain entry into this academy, there was only one prerequisite. One only had to receive the invitation from either one of the parties between the Nine Temples or the Twelve Palaces.

    As a whole, the academy was seen to be only for the Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces to acquire more gifted individuals, using the Battle of Deities as a source for them to discover more talent.

    That was why so many people throughout the Middle Realm would crack their heads so hard just to show their faces at least once in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet.

    Jun Wu Xie then retracted her gaze. Back at the Clear Breeze City, when she had battled the Palace of Flame Demons' Elder, she had then defeated him with ease, but Jun Wu Yao had told her that she was still a way off from the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces. Mount Fu Yao was a place that was highly conducive for her to cultivate her powers and if she could, she wouldn't really mind using this period of time to become even stronger!

    The Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples had highly stringent criteria in accepting members and even if they were winners in the Battle of Deities, they were still required to cultivate for a period on Mount Fu Yao before they would be considered as one of their members.

    Jun Wu Xie's objective in coming here this time was very simple. She had already arranged for Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions to be sent out here to claim a ranking within the Battle of Deities for themselves. With the level of powers they currently possessed, coming out strong within the grand meet would not be too difficult for all of them. And when anyone from the Twelve Palaces actually extended an olive branch to them, they would then accept the offer to infiltrate inside.

    And they would then become the Soul Purging Nails that Jun Wu Xie had buried deep inside the Twelve Palaces!

    As for herself, Jun Wu Xie really wasn't against the idea of her having some fun toying with the people from the Twelve Palaces but a pity she possessed rather unique ring spirits and it was not guaranteed that someone from the Twelve Palaces would discover that she possessed plant ring spirits, hence, she decided that she would just temporarily advocate from behind the scenes, where they would first observe the various powers in the Middle Realm before they decide further.

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie quietly disappeared into the crowd of people, slipping through the throngs of people, to slip into the forest that was highly difficult to traverse.

    Having slipped out of sight from other people, the body of Jun Wu Xie turned into a streak of purple light, weaving speedily up the side of Mount Fu Yao!

    If she had depended solely on her legs to go up to the summit, it would have taken her at least one whole day's time. But Jun Wu Xie had taken merely less than one hour before she reached midway up the side of the mountain.

    Compared to the spirit energy at the foot of the mountain, it was much denser here. Jun Wu Xie stopped her steps within a thick clump of trees, to feel the pristine air within the mountain wilderness.

    Suddenly, a burning smell came wafting over from not too far away. Jun Wu Xie's eyes immediately turned, seeking out the place the smell was coming from as she walked towards it.

    Within the green mountain, tiny brooks trickled through the dense trees, flowing slowly down the mountainside. At the side of a brook with its running crystalline waters, Jun Wu Xie could faintly spot a little figure seemingly highly flustered and exasperated as he squatted upon the grass, a pile of withered grass that had turned black at his feet.

    "ARRRGGGH! ! Why is it still not working! ?" A exasperated cry could be heard coming from over there, as Jun Wu Xie saw that it was a little old man already past fifty years of age, his back bent, his size rather scrawny. At first glance, he could have been mistaken to be a child of about ten years old but that long scraggly beard and his face that was full of wrinkles gave his age away.

    The little old man was holding a walking stick in one hand, as he stared forlornly at a pile of withered grass turned black. He stared at it for a long while before he hung his head and turned around with a long sigh, to pull out a large clump of herbs from a big basket at the side.
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