1471 The Little Old Man 1

    And it was only in that instant when he shifted his body that Jun Wu Xie saw, on the grass beside the brook, was a spotted deer that was barely still breathing.

    Both the back legs of that spotted deer looked like it had been wounded by something sharp and red blood was flowing out from the wounds, staining the grass around its feet red. In the area close to where the deer's wounded legs lay, a mess of medicine was faintly spotted.

    The little old man then plodded his way back with his walking stick to once again squat down beside the poor spotted deer, before he began messing around with the herbs he held in his hands.

    "Little Spotty, rest assured. I will have you healed up in a while. Grandmother egg's, if I ever find out who was the one that hurt you like this, I will definitely give those scoundrels a hard time I tell you!" The little old man nagged and grumbled to himself over there as the spotted deer just lay there on the grass, not responding to him at all.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the strange sight before her eyes, and a corner of her eye twitched.

    [Who can tell her from where had this dotty old man sprouted out from? Who told him that Blood Clot Grass can be applied directly onto an open wound just by chewing on it with one's mouth! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie really thought she should just walk away and pretend that she did not see anything. But when she saw that the little old man began to pull out some unknown substance and was about to stuff it into the spotted deer's mouth, she suddenly felt a little..... unable to hold herself back anymore!

    As a veterinarian in the past, she really couldn't force herself to stand back and watch animals being so badly "tortured".

    "If you continue to do that, it wouldn't be able to live much longer." A cold and chilling voice suddenly rang out within that quiet and tranquil forest, immediately freezing the little old man who was holding a stick of some unknown substance and was trying to stuff it into the mouth of the spotted deer. He turned his head and stared at the rather good looking youth, and it was not known when he had come walking out from among the trees, his eyes looking highly displeased.

    "From where has this wild kid come from? The is only one broad path leading up to the summit of Mount Fu Yao. Have you lost your way and was squatting there behind the trees?"

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze past the old man, not intending to waste anymore of her breath on him. Towards the entire Middle Realm, she didn't really have a good impression of it.

    The little old man had fully intended to properly interrogate Jun Wu Xie where she had crawled out from when he saw Jun Wu Xie suddenly walking over to the side of the spotted deer, and pulling out a handkerchief to wipe off the "unknown substance" cleanly from the spotted deer's wounds. He then saw Jun Wu Xie pull out a bottle of medicine, before opening it and slowly pouring the medicinal liquid onto the legs of the spotted deer.

    "Kid! What are you doing to my Little Spotty! You cannot just haphazardly just give it any medicine you want!" Upon seeing Jun Wu Xie's actions, the little old man immediately came hobbling forward in complaint, wanting to stop the youth. But he had barely just taken two steps when he saw the gaping wounds upon the spotted deer's legs closing up, the blood that had been flowing out from the garish wounds already clotted up.

    The little old man's eyes instantly flared wide, his eyes immediately fixing upon the bottle of medicine held in Jun Wu Xie's hand.

    Jun Wu Xie checked the spotted deer's condition and after ascertaining that there were no other injuries, she stood up and was all ready to leave.

    But then she noticed that the stern little old man was looking at the bottle of medicine she held in her hand with a kind of longing in his eyes.

    "Ah, this little brother..... Er..... That..... That bottle of medicine..... Where had that come from?" The little old man asked highly hesitantly with his eyes absolutely shining.

    "Is anything the matter?" Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

    The little old man rubbed his hands together and grinned sheepishly. "Erm, I have always been highly interested with things like this. You..... You don't judge me from my looks like this. I'll tell you this, I am actually a doctor!"

    "Doctor?" Confusion rose in Jun Wu Xie's mind. She had heard the term doctor many times in the previous world, but never in this alternate world here.

    Seeing the reaction Jun Wu Xie was giving, the little old man immediately became more excited. "Little brother, you do not know what a doctor is?"
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