Chapter 1472: “The Little Old Man (2)”

    Chapter 1472: "The Little Old Man (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head in all honesty.

    "A Doctor is one of the ranks for people in pursuit of Medicine. Beginning from the Disciple Healer to a Healer itself, then one moves on to a Doctor and then a Senior Doctor..... As for me, I am a Doctor, and I love to conduct research with herbs and its like." The little old man said with a chortle.

    [Doctor? Him?]

    Jun Wu Xie's cold clear eyes did not show the slightest emotion. Just by the way the little old man had handled the staunching of the deer's bleeding earlier, she guessed that any first year student she pulled out from medical college would do a much better job than whatever this old man did.

    It could be that Jun Wu Xie's eyes had looked too much at peace which made the little old man think that she did not believe him at all. The little old man then frantically searched through his sleeves to pull out a green badge, a badge that had two wings carved out like a magnificent eagle with its wings spread wide, and within a circle in the middle of that badge, was an imprint of a maple leaf decorated with two five pointed stars below it.

    "Nah! I am not pulling your leg you see? This is my Doctor's Badge." The little old man said gleefully as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie swung her glance to look at him only very briefly, the expression on her face one of high disinterest, not looking like she wanted to continue listening to such nonsense any longer.

    Seeing that Jun Wu Xie was going to leave once more, the little old man was suddenly in a panic.

    "Ay ay ay! You tell me why are all you young people so impatient and short tempered? Can't any of you remain for a while to hear an old man say just a few words? Hey! ! Little brother, don't go! Can't I offer you something to trade then! ? I give you something in exchange for it!" The little old man said and he shot forward with incredible speed to come stand before Jun Wu Xie.

    Although Jun Wu Xie's face did not show any reaction, her heart was involuntarily startled. The speed her steps were moving at was not slow but she had not detected it in the slightest when that little old man had overtaken her and now stood before her. She realized that this man's powers far exceeded her own!

    She discreetly suppressed the surprise in her heart as she turned to look at the old man who had managed to cling on and said: "What are you giving me in exchange?"

    She realized at that moment that the old man was not going to give up. If she did not give up the bottle of medicine she held in her hand, she would surely have a hard time trying to shake off this old man who was definitely more than he seemed to be.

    The old man saw that Jun Wu Xie had relented by acknowledging and he immediately felt all over his body for awhile. With a messy clattering, his arm was quickly filled with a bunch of medicine bottles and he put all of them on the ground with a laugh before sitting himself down upon the ground. "You can choose any one of the medicine here as an exchange for yours."

    Jun Wu Xie had just come to the Middle Realm and she was still not familiar with the kind of medical knowledge they had. Seeing the whole bunch of bottles and flasks upon the ground, she suddenly grew curious. Would the people of the Middle Realm be more skilled in Medicine than those in the Lower Realm?

    In the end, when Jun Wu Xie opened the first bottle and a highly pungent odour wafted out from it, her face turned even chillier.

    "Who made this medicine?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a cold voice.

    The little old man's eyes flashed with a trace of secret delight as he said in a deliberately mystifying voice: "Isn't the medicine great? That is actually concocted by using Ever Grass, Cow Horn Leaves and Bitter Oak, specifically targeted for people with frail bodies to use.

    Jun Wu Xie asked in a cold tone: "Has anyone taken any of this medicine?"

    The old man's eyebrow arched up. "It's such a precious medicine. I wouldn't give it to just anyone to drink?" The expression on his face looking highly arrogant.

    "Good that you haven't." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Har?" The old man was suddenly rather dizzy.

    Jun Wu Xie then told him: "If someone had drunk that, wouldn't people come demanding for the life of the person who concocted that medicine?"

    "Wh..... What..... do you mean?" The old man's face was one of utter shock.

    "Mixing up three kinds of herbs with such strong effects together so carelessly, doesn't he know the principle when things reached an extreme, the effects would reverse?" Jun Wu Xie said, couldn't be bothered to even look at the rest of the myriad bottles on the ground.

    The old man's face immediately turned a greenish white shade. "How do you know those herbs cannot be mixed together?"
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