Chapter 1473: “The Little Old Man (3)”

    Chapter 1473: "The Little Old Man (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie swept a sidelong glance at the old man and raised up her own bottle of medicine to wave it before the old man's eyes.

    "I concocted this myself."

    The old man's eyeballs very nearly popped out of his head.

    [That medicine was made by that little kid? How was that possible!]

    "You have nothing there that I can use. I'll be going." Jun Wu Xie really wasn't in the mood to chat any longer with this eccentric little old man. With a flick of her hand she tossed her own bottle of medicine to that little old man and Jun Wu Xie then lifted her foot to go about on her own way.

    The little old man caught the bottle deftly and was left in his spot a little stunned, to stare after Jun Wu Xie's quickly disappearing back.

    Suddenly, a flurry of hurried footsteps came floating in from within the forest. The little old man who had been stunned in his spot quickly repressed the surprise on his face and his gaze grew deep as he looked towards the man that was just stepping out from between the trees.

    "Why had my Lord come down the mountain again?" The man asked highly helplessly when he saw the little old man.

    The little old man carefully placed Jun Wu Xie's bottle of medicine deep into his robes and then turned to the man to say: "What? I can't even come out to take a walk around? Moreover, I have only come down to the mid sections and it is not as if I have left the mountain. What are you getting so panicked about?"

    The man repeatedly went yes yes yes, his gaze drawn to the scattered medicinal bottles on the ground.

    "My Lord, you've..... been out here testing out the your medicines again?" The man asked very carefully.

    The little old man's face immediately stiffened and grew dark.

    "Will I need you to tell me how to handle my own affairs?"

    "No, of course not!"

    "Pick all these up for me. Hurry up!" The little old man snapped testily, recalling how Jun Wu Xie had disparagingly snubbed his "works of art" and his face quickly felt a burn spread over his face.

    "That's right, the Battle of Deities Grand Meet will begin soon and there will be a lot of people coming and going within Mount Fu Yao, which would also mean that there will be more dishonest people around as well. Go make sure all of them better behave themselves. Every single one of these non human lifeforms throughout the entire Mount Fu Yao belongs to me and tell those people from the Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces to watch themselves. If they want to cause a stir, do it on their own turf and they had better not come disrupt my peace! And! Go find out who is the one who injured Little Spotty and throw him out of Mount Fu Yao." The little old man said with his brows pinched up together.

    "Little Spotty is injured?" The man's face showed a slight tinge of surprise and he was just going to check on the spotted deer's condition when he discovered that the deer was already able to stand on his own who was even walking over to come stand in front of them.

    "My Lord..... Little Spotty doesn't seem to be hurt....."

    "How is that possible? I saw with my own eyes....." The little old man had wanted to say something but when he turned his head and saw the spotted deer in such high spirits who was prancing around before his eyes, his eyes suddenly flashed with stunned amazement. His gaze then quickly swung to look at the wound on the spotted deer which had closed up completely.

    [He had definitely seen that wound still bleeding just moments ago!]

    "It's this medicine." The little old man suddenly seemed to have realized something. "Damn it! It's all your fault! You dingaling! I had wanted to "invite" that little brother to go have some tea!"

    The man was completely baffled why he was suddenly being berated and did not know what to do.

    The little old man stood in his spot and seemed to be thinking a moment when he suddenly asked: "Did the little imps from the Twelve Palaces say they will be holding the Battle of Deities a few days later?"


    "Oh, then the people coming up the mountain these past few days are here to participate in the grand meet?"

    "That's right."

    "Alright. You go tell them to move the time to hold the Battle of Deities Grand Meet to half a month later." The little old man suddenly just spewed those highly shocking words from his mouth.


    "Huh your fat head! Aren't you gonna hurry up and go tell them what I said already! ?" The little old man glared with his eyes bulging at the man. [That little brother has quite admirable skills in Medicine and he would surely be snatched up by the people from the Twelve Palaces in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet. He wasn't about to let go of that fat piece of meat almost in his mouth.]
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