Chapter 1474: “Past Sin (1)”

    Chapter 1474: "Past Sin (1)"

    The summit of Mount Fu Yao was a wide expanse of space and as its peak was flat and even, its terrain wide, the entire summit of the mountain looked just like a vast city. Up on the mountaintop, there were not only a dazzling array of merchant shops, there were also all kinds of inns with restaurants that supplied lodgings.

    But the bustle on Mount Fu Yao would only last for just a few days. Once the Battle of Deities ended, the entire Mount Fu Yao would once again be cut off from the rest of the world, where access into the place would be denied to anyone. Even for the disciples of the Cloud Brook Academy at Mount Fu Yao's summit, it was only at specific times every month that they were allowed to descend down the mountain, while at all other times, regardless of the reason, anyone who dared barge into Mount Fu Yao would turn into fertilizer that nourished their vast lush expanse of land. Any disciple that dared to leave on their own accord would be put on the Cloud Brook Academy's blacklist.

    It was rumoured that the Cloud Brook Academy was established by the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces, two big major powers. But happenings that occured after that was rather interesting to note. No matter how badly the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces fought, not a single person among the two powers dared to touch the Cloud Brook Academy at all. Even though the Cloud Brook Academy sat right atop Mount Fu Yao which was the place that held the highest concentration of spirit power in its air, not one dared make the slightest move against the place.

    Jun Wu Xie found herself a guest room at the summit of Mount Fu Yao to stay in and based on her calculations of the time that had passed, the Battle of Deities Grand Meet would begin in a few days. When that time came, not only the multitude of young talents throughout the Middle Realm would congregate here, even people from the Twelve Palaces would be mobilized.

    Afterall, the reason this Battle of Deities Grand Meet was brought forward, had been the Twelve Palaces' idea.


    Although the summit of Mount Fu Yao was vast, the places that people could actually reside in was highly limited and that had created a sudden inadequate amount of guests rooms to house everybody. When Jun Wu Xie was led by the waiter to her room, that room already had three other youths sitting in there. The room that was not too big nor too small had four beds placed in it and it seemed a little squeezy.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze swung over the faces of the three people and she quickly sat down upon her own bed.

    As they were all youths of similar age, there was naturally no need for them to ask the reason they had come to this place.

    As opponents who were secretly competing against each other, there wasn't much love or courtesy to even speak of.

    After having sat down for a while, the room was still filled with silence. Two of the youths left the room one after the other, and when the room's door was shut, only Jun Wu Xie and a tall handsome looking youth was left in the room.

    Jun Wu Xie sat at her bedside, quietly stroking the little black cat's fur.

    The youth who had the bed by the window then suddenly stood up, and then walked towards Jun Wu Xie.

    In that room with its closed door, he reached both of his hands out and with a heave, he.....

    Carried up Jun Wu Xie.

    "Hahahaha! Little Xie! This must be fate! !" The tall youth said with a goofy grin on his face, spinning in circles within the room.

    Jun Wu Xie rolled her eyes as she was being spun around and without any other choice, she tapped the overly excited youth upon the head.

    "Dumb Qiao, put me down."

    Qiao Chu had really not thought that after he was separated from his companions, he would actually encounter such a great coincidence when he got himself a bed at this inn, to really bump into Jun Wu Xie like this! It must be known that in the instant that he saw Jun Wu Xie earlier, he had almost wanted to leap up into the air with pure joy.

    Fortunately Jun Wu Xie had shot him a cold gaze which immediately made him realize the situation they were in.

    In order for them to infiltrate into the Twelve Palaces, the fact that the several "Soul Purging Nails" knew each other well must definitely not be exposed. Hence, in front of outsiders, they all need to maintain themselves as complete strangers or they wouldn't have needed to split themselves up and come to Mount Fu Yao through different avenues.
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