Chapter 1475: “Past Sin (2)”

    Chapter 1475: "Past Sin (2)"

    After Qiao Chu had kicked up enough of a fuss, he put Jun Wu Xie down. He continued to look at Jun Wu Xie's face whose looks had been slightly altered, and continued to show a foolish grin on his face.

    "If you had not been carrying Little Black all this time, I might not have been able to recognise you."

    Qiao Chu had seen the level of disguise Jun Wu Xie was capable of. She would only need to slightly change each of her facial features a little and she would immediately transform into a completely different person. Even people who were on highly familiar terms with her had almost not been able to recognize her. Fortunately, not many people would carry a little black cat around with them as they moved everywhere in this world and Little Black also sported a ring of golden fur around its neck, so Qiao Chu had been certain that he had not been mistaken.

    Jun Wu Xie threw a glance his way but did not say anything, but.....

    To be able to see Qiao Chu in this place, she was rather glad about it as well.

    "Have you seen any of the others?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she propped her chin up on one hand.

    Qiao Chu shook his head. They had followed what Jun Wu Xie had told them and split themselves up to go to six different places, where they set off at different times. With such a great number of people here that came to Mount Fu Yao, being able to meet Jun Wu Xie like this was just a stroke of pure luck.

    "Haiz! Having returned back to my homeland, why do I feel that everything is so highly unfamiliar?" Qiao Chu lamented as he laid back onto his bed, his eyes narrowing up as he stared at the ceiling. When he was young, his family had been forced through drastic changes and he had fortunately been saved by Yan Bu Gui which allowed him to escape out of it alive. His memories from that young age had gradually faded away and everything in the Middle Realm that he saw now was strange and highly unfamiliar to him.

    "It doesn't matter if you find the place unfamiliar. Do you still remember your objective?"

    Jun Wu Xie asked.

    Qiao Chu clenched his jaws together and his eyes that had been nonchalant grew hard.

    "Palace of Flame Demons. How could I forget?"

    After saying that, Qiao Chu fell silent a moment before he suddenly sat up.

    "On my way here, I encountered a convoy of horse carriages from the Palace of All Life. It seems that the Twelve Palaces had really sent their people here to Mount Fu Yao. Your deductions were just spot on."

    Jun Wu Xie then replied: "The Twelve Palaces had created such a ruckus and had even struck at the Lower Realm. It is impossible that they will not seek the talents in the Middle Realm. Since they were the ones who asked for the Battle of Deities to be brought forward, they would naturally not miss such a great chance. When the times comes, you and Brother Hua will just have to grab that opportunity and make the Twelve Palaces lead the wolves into their houses themselves and that will do."

    "Lead the wolves into their houses? I like the way you put it!" Qiao Chu said eagerly, the hatred he kept deep within his heart almost exploding out of him.

    "At that time, do not slip up." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Qiao Chu. She was confident of her plans, but she was still a little worried whether Qiao Chu and her other companions would be able to hold down the hatred simmering in their hearts when they were once again faced with the murderers of their parents.

    "Rest assured. I will not cause any disruption to your plans." Qiao Chu said with a snicker.

    Jun Wu Xie spoke a little while more with Qiao Chu and then walked out from the room. It was different for her when compared with Qiao Chu and the others as everyplace in the Middle Realm was strange to her. She had never been here before and she knew nothing about the place. Everything that she knew was what she had been told by Qiao Chu and her other companions.

    The area on Mount Fu Yao that had been temporarily opened up to everyone consisted mostly of merchant shops and inns, but what was different was that the shops' merchandise were mainly weapons and elixirs, basically catering to the youths who had come to take part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet.

    Jun Wu Xie walked around among them. She did not know much about weapons, but she knew a lot about elixirs. She purchased a few bottles of elixirs that boasted high prices and inspected them at a place without people around. After which.....

    All those elixirs were mercilessly tossed by Jun Wu Xie into a little ditch at the side.
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