Chapter 1477: “Spirit Jade Palace (1)”

    Chapter 1477: "Spirit Jade Palace (1)"

    The Soul Calming Jade had protected Jun Gu flesh body by preventing it from rot and decay, allowing his corpse to maintain its condition as it was the moment just before he died. Once she finds Jun Gu's spirit, she would be able to let Jun Gu be revived!

    And to find Jun Gu's spirit, she would have to go to the place that spirit bodies gathered, the Spirit World!

    However, the demarcation of powers in the Middle Realm was extremely strange. The Dark Region sat in the most center of the Middle Realm and surrounding it were the Four Sides. The next outer layer was the Nine Temples' domain of power while the Twelve Palaces took up the area in the outermost perimeter.

    And Mount Fu Yao where Jun Wu Xie and her companions were now at was situated at the boundary line where the borders of the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples met. It could be said that a single step taken a foot forward at this place could very well place a person in a completely different division of power.

    Jun Wu Xie went one round through the weapons shop to take a look but was unable to conclude anything useful. She was just about to lift her foot to take a step out of the shop when a black shadow suddenly came flying straight towards her from the front, which made Jun Wu Xie instinctively dodge to the side.

    She then heard a loud crash. The black shadow crashed right into a shelf behind Jun Wu Xie that had been used to display various kinds of weapons and a series of loud clatter erupted.

    "I'll tell you this! If you let me hear you saying anything bad about the Spirit Jade Palace again, I will tear your mouth up!" A youthful girl shouted in a rage as she walked out from among the crowd, as she glared at the man that had fallen to the ground, her hand gripped tightly around a leather whip.

    The young girl's countenance was pretty with exquisite features, but her clothes were rather plain, and the eyes were shining brightly ablaze with fiery rage.

    The man on the floor climbed to his feet rather nervously as he stared at the young girl holding the whip with a slight trace of fear in his eyes.

    "Under these Heavens, is there still such a place called the Spirit Jade Palace? Why do I not remember it at all?" A clear and audible voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd and three youths wearing the uniform of the Cloud Brook Academy were seen walking slowly over. The one in the lead, was the person who had spoken.

    Seeing that there was someone was taking his side, the man who had been beaten immediately jumped out.

    "That's right! What dog's fart Spirit Jade Palace? It's been so many years since they were completely eradicated by the Twelve Palaces and only you bunch of little lasses would still hold the Spirit Jade Palace so dearly in your hearts. Who would even know what kind a damned place the Spirit Jade Palace is even nowadays?"

    The young girl's face turned livid and everyone saw that she was going to lash out with her whip when she was blocked by the youth from the Cloud Brook Academy. The youth's had a fair skinned face, his features attractive looking, but just that the corners of his eyes were tinged with something that made people feel rather uncomfortable. He scanned his eyes over the highly furious young girl from head to toe and his lips curled up sightly at the side.

    "Little lady, why are you so angry? Could it be that you are really a member of the Spirit Jade Palace?"

    "Don't think just because you are wearing the uniform of the Cloud Brook Academy and have the backing of the Twelve Palaces and the NIne Temple that you can be say whatever you want! The Spirit Jade Palace has never been eradicated!" The young girl shouted indignantly.

    "Ha ha. How can a young lady like you speak in such a manner? I am just a little ignorant here and have never heard of the name Spirit Jade Palace that's all. If the Miss here has time, why don't you tell about about the origins of the Spirit Jade Palace?" As he spoke, the youth had actually reached out his hand, wanting to stroke the back of the young girl's hand, seeking to take advantage of her.

    But just as the youth's hand was about to touch the back of the young girl's hand, the whip held in the young girl's hand suddenly swung up, forcing the lecher who was thinking to grab a feel to back away.

    "A tongue slippery as a snake. Neither are you up to any good!" As she spoke, the young girl cracked her whip and sent its tip swooshing straight towards the youth.

    In just a blink of an eye, the area just outside the weapons shop had broken out into chaos and Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat in her arms as she turned to leave calmly.
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