Chapter 1478: “Spirit Jade Palace (2)”

    Chapter 1478: "Spirit Jade Palace (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie has not much interest in fights between youths in the Middle Realm. Their movements from what she saw were too slow and only people in the Elder levels from the Twelve Palaces would pique her interest. But one thing that the young girl mentioned when she said "Spirit Jade Palace" had caused her a little puzzlement.

    Qiao Chu and the others had specifically told her all the twelve names the Twelve Palaces went by and she had not heard them mentioning anything about a Spirit Jade Palace.

    Jun Wu Xie casually abducted a big goofy looking passerby and poured a vial of her truth serum "medicine" down his throat to make him spill out everything he knew about the Spirit Jade Palace.

    In truth, more than a thousand years ago, the Middle Realm did not only have Twelve Palaces. There had been another thirteenth palace, the Spirit Jade Palace.

    But the Spirit Jade Palace was slightly different from the other palaces as from the top ranked member all the way to the bottom, the Spirit Jade Palace only accepted females. Back in the days before the Spirit Jade Palace had fallen, within a ten mile radius around the palace, they did not allow any males to set foot in there. The Palace Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace had also been infamously eccentric, never ever having taken one single step out from the Spirit Jade Palace. It was once rumoured that the Spirit Jade Palace's Palace Lord was actually the most powerful one among all the other Palace Lords.

    The Spirit Jade Palace had once been highly influential for a time but just because of one time's internal strife, it had greatly diminished the powers of the entire Spirit Jade Palace as many of their disciples lost their lives during that incident and the Spirit Jade Palace at that time had been cleanly razed to the ground.

    Only the Palace Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace had brought a few of the palace's most trusted aides out and no one knew where they had hidden themselves. And it was from that time onwards that the Spirit Jade Palace was gradually removed from being part of the Thirteen Palaces subconsciously, resulting in only the current Twelve Palaces to exist.

    After the Spirit Jade Palace went into decline, many people from the other palaces continued to hit them when they were down and out, even openly going against the disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace, constantly trying to suppress the Spirit Jade Palace's powers that prevented them from returning back to their former glory.

    Jun Wu Xie finally understood why those disciples from the Cloud Brook Academy would suddenly come out and provoke that little girl from the Spirit Jade Palace. That bunch of scoundrels from the Cloud Brook Academy must have seen that she was a member of the Spirit Jade Palace and had wanted to take her out!

    A power from a thousand years ago that had been in decline till this day. It was not that hard for Jun Wu Xie to see that the little girl just now was completely not a match for that bunch of lechers.

    It would only take a few rounds and that little lass would definitely be taken advantage of.

    "This one step, should I take it or stay back?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she tossed the oversized goof against the wall as she gazed at the cold and pale moon, the multitude of stars filling up the night sky, every little twinkling speck turning into a chess piece within Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    The Spirit Jade Palace. A chess piece that had suddenly appeared out of the blue. Should she use it or give up on it?

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath, her heart having already made a decision.

    No regrets once the piece is placed.

    The situation over there near the weapons shop was turning out just as Jun Wu Xie had predicted. The young girl and the youths from the Cloud Brook Academy had exchanged blows for a couple of rounds and then she had found herself unable to resist against them. Her body was marked with quite a number of wounds and her opponents obviously could have struck her down with one well placed strike but they had instead looked like they were just toying with her, shredding up her clothes into a highly disheveled state, to reduce her into such a wretched looking state.

    That kind of a trauma when suffered upon a girl, was more unbearable than anything else!

    "Little lady, don't get so angsty. If you get your body wounded, it's just going to pain my heart." The flippant youth said with a arrogant laugh. Up here at the summit of Mount Fu Yao, no one would dare to strike at disciples of the Cloud Brook Academy. There wasn't even a need to mention that they were upon Mount Fu Yao which was where the Cloud Brook Academy itself was situated, as just the fact that these youths had been fortunate enough to be picked by the powerful Nine Temples and notorious Twelve Palaces would be enough to make common people refrain from getting into any conflict with them.

    "Utterly shameless!" The young girl's face flushed red, hating the fact that she could not strangle that youth to death.
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