Chapter 1479: “Spirit Jade Palace (3)”

    Chapter 1479: "Spirit Jade Palace (3)"

    The flippant youth completely ignored the young girl's curses and surrounded her together with his companions. When the passersby saw that disciples of the Cloud Brook Academy were involved, they all were furious but did not dare speak up, their eyes avoiding the commotion.

    "I would like to see whether you will be still have such a sharp tongue in a while." The youth said and stretched his hand out towards the young girl to grab at her.

    But in that instant that his fingers had just touched a corner of the young girl's clothes, a powerful blast of spirit energy suddenly shot straight towards the youth!

    Glowing bright purple, the blast of spirit power swept past like a streak of starry moonlight, forcing the three youths to back away in retreat!

    However, before everyone around could see clearly everything that was suddenly happening before their eyes, a black shadow came out from behind a pile of weapons and flashed past to quickly disappear, together with that young girl who was almost going to lose her clothes, who was now nowhere to be seen.

    The three youths who had been forced to jump back still had not recovered from the shock as they stared at the spot they had just been standing at a moment before. A long crack had appeared in the ground that spread the entire way up onto the wall, where even the steel blades that had been hanging upon the wall earlier now lay snapped in two from that great blast of spirit power.

    The depth of the crack quickly caused everyone in the surrounding crowd to stare helplessly with their mouths hanging open.

    In the Middle Realm, Purple Spirits were not that rare to see. The people were able to tell the difference between a faked Purple Spirit and a true Purple Spirit. Moreover, there is also a huge gap between a strong and weak Purple Spirit hence just the colour of one's spirit power did not mean much anymore.

    Just now, that person's speed had been quick like lightning, avoiding the notice of everyone present, and that kind of a speed was not something an ordinary person would be able to achieve.

    "Who..... Who was that just now....." One of the disciples from the Cloud Brook Academy stammered as his knees shook, and his teeth chattered. If he had moved just a split second slower earlier, his head might be separated from his body now.

    The flippant youth who was the leader blew out a long breath, his heart still in shock. "That person wasn't trying to kill us and his intention was just to force us to retreat. It might have been someone from the Spirit Jade Palace. Forget it, just take it as that little lass got lucky today!"

    The flippant youth said all that in a feigned indignant tone, although his heart had been shocked by that black shadow rather badly. That blast had been more powerful than what their teachers back at the academy were capable of. He was just someone who had been picked by the Dragon Slayers Palace and still had not completed his cultivation training here. He had not even attained the true Purple Spirit so how would he be able to go against that shadow?"

    No matter who that person was, he was not someone the few of them would be able to take on. The three youths who had just moments before aggressively surrounded the little girl then immediately ducked their heads and blended themselves into the crowd miserably, disappearing quickly from sight.

    Under the pale moonlight streaming down, a purple coloured shadow flashed like a light streak, a shadow that blended into the night, silently coming to a stop within a dense forest.

    Zi Jin had thought that she would have fallen into the hands of those lechers today but unexpectedly, someone had suddenly appeared at the last moment to bring her away from there. She still clearly remembered what that person had whispered in her ear in that instant he had come to whisk her away.

    "Don't move."

    It was so cold her bones had felt the chill, yet at the same time, it had been highly reassuring.

    Zi Jin was put down under a tree, without any unnecessary touch, which put her greatly at ease.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over the torn and tattered clothes upon Zi Jin body and with a flick of her hand, she tossed the cape she used to hide from unfriendly eyes and ears to the little girl.

    "Thank you....." Zi Jin whispered gratefully. She could not see her benefactor's countenance and was only able to see that back which looked a little thin, standing against the moonlight, His stature was not tall, it was even that tiny bit shorter than she was.

    "I wonder why Senior would lend a hand to save me? My humble name is Zi Jin and I wish to express to Senior my gratitude for saving my life."
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