Chapter 1480: “Spirit Jade Palace (4)”

    Chapter 1480: "Spirit Jade Palace (4)"

    Zi Jin's powers had not broken through to the Purple Spirit yet but she could feel that the person standing before her held very great power.

    But when that person slowly turned his head around and the moonlight illuminated that fair skinned countenance, Zi Jin was suddenly stunned.

    Not even in her dreams would she ever have thought that the Senior with such unfathomable powers right before her eyes would actually possess the looks of such a young youth.

    [How come it's such a young youth?]

    Astonishment was written all over Zi Jin's face.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows furrowed up slightly together as she looked at Zi Jin who had a rather strange expression on her face, but she still went on to ask softly: "You are a member of the Spirit Jade Palace?"

    [A shock ran through Zi Jin's entire body. The other party's countenance had been completely not what she expected. For what reason had the other party saved her? Because she was a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace?]

    Seemingly having detected Zi Jin's nervousness, Jun Wu Xie continued to say in a soft voice: "Don't worry, I am a friend and not a foe of the Spirit Jade Palace."

    "Senior words are not very clear to me. Can Senior please elaborate?" Zi Jin knew that she was no match for Jun Wu Xie, and there was no chance she would be able to escape. Hence, she herself upon the ground, and lifted up her head to look at the cold and icy Jun Wu Xie.

    "The Spirit Jade Palace was once counted among the Twelve Palaces but now has to even suffer the bullying from youths of the Twelve Palaces who are still in training. I am thinking that couldn't possibly have felt good right?" Jun Wu Xie said monotonously, her words unhurried.

    Zi Jin could not help it as her face turned an uglier shade, both her hands clutching tightly the grass upon the ground.

    "Angry?" Jun Wu Xie looked calmly into Zi Jin's eyes that were ablaze and then said slowly: "Once reigning over them but now fallen into a state where your the opponent continues to beat at a drowning dog. Haven't you guys ever thought of retaliating?"

    Zi Jin clenched her jaws tightly together. Although she should not be saying this to a stranger, but every one of Jun Wu Xie's words had pricked at a nerve.

    "Who wouldn't want to retaliate! ? You're not us, how do you know the Spirit Jade Palace had not tried to fight back! ? But those scoundrels from the Twelve Palaces had really been too much!" Due to that incident in the Spirit Jade Palace back then, it had greatly reduced their might. They had not even had time to breathe and recuperate when the Twelve Palaces had began oppressing them. After a thousand years, the Spirit Jade Palace which had once enjoyed great fame now no longer existed, just as Jun Wu Xie had said. When disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace like them came out from the palace, Master would always remind them carefully to not reveal their identities as members of the Spirit Jade Palace, deeply afraid that they would be persecuted by the Twelve Palaces.

    This time, Zi Jin had coincidentally passed through the Battle of Deities Grand Meet's venue and was just checking out the situation when she overheard someone loudly spewing highly insulting words without restraint about her sisters from the Heavenly Peak Pavilion and she had not been able to hold herself back.

    "Now, if there is an opportunity for all of you to exact vengeance upon your enemies, would that make you happy?" Jun Wu Xie squatted down to say, her gaze looking right into Zi Jin's eyes.

    Zi Jin could see herself reflected within that cold pair of eyes, highly clear.

    "Who are you really?" Zi Jin suddenly felt her body turning chilly. Those eyes had been tinged with such icy chill.

    "It is not important who I am. What matters is that I can help all of you get what you want." Jun Wu Xie straightened herself up and lifted her right hand. On the fingers upon her right hand, there was one red and one white glow wrapped around them.

    Zi Jin stared in surprise at the two strange glowing light. She knew that familiar glowing energy very well. That was the energy from spirit rings.

    [But..... In this world, how can someone possibly possess two ring spirits at the same time?]

    [That was just impossible.]

    "Spirit Jade Palace..... doesn't..... doesn't receive male guests....." Zi Jin swallowed with a gulp, taking a long while to stammer those words.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow lifted up and immediately pulled up Zi Jin small hand to place it right upon her chest!
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