Chapter 1481: “Spirit Jade Palace (5)”

    Chapter 1481: "Spirit Jade Palace (5)"

    Zi Jin's eyes immediately widened as she stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "You..... You..... You are a girl! ! !"

    Jun Wu Xie calmly let go of the little girl's hand. "Mm."

    "....." Zi Jin rubbed at her chin, looking at Jun Wu Xie hesitantly.

    The current circumstances in the Spirit Jade Palace was indeed terrible and this young lady before her eyes possessed rather astounding powers. Rationality was obviously telling her that she should not bring a stranger of unknown origins to go before the Palace Lord but without knowing why, she seemed to feel a kind of urge to want to believe everything that Jun Wu Xie was telling her.

    "Done! I'll bring you to go see our Palace Lord!" In the end, Zi Jin could not overcome the urge that filled her heart.

    The little black cat who had been quietly plopped upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder without a sound could not help itself but nudged Jun Wu Xie gently.


    [Don't you think the lass' change of attitude is a little too fast?]

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders and discreetly pulled out a medicinal bottle that had been hidden within her sleeve earlier and waved it slightly before the little black cat's nose.

    The little black cat took a whiff and immediately knew what was inside that bottle!

    "This is your cat? It's so adorable." When Zi Jin saw the little black cat, she could not stop herself from wanting to go stroke it. In the end, not only had the little black cat turned its head away but she had pulled the wounds that was on her arm which brought her sudden pain, causing her to gasp slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie pulled out a bottle of medicine from her Cosmos Sack and tossed it to Zi Jin. "Apply it."

    Zi Jin clutched the bottle in her hand as she gazed at the side profile of Jun Wu Xie's face, suddenly feeling that she would be wasting that Heavenly gift on herself.

    [Powerful, cold but highly tender hearted youth..... And you finally turn out to be a girl.....]

    Zi Jin suddenly felt that the one and only male character that she had a good impression of throughout her entire life had been completely shattered by Jun Wu Xie.

    Towards what Zi Jin was feeling, Jun Wu Xie had not really noticed anything. But the little black cat detected it and saw that Zi Jin's gaze felt a little off.

    [Little sister! Have heart! This one here is already taken and already has her own man. She is a thoughtless and unfeeling one and you had better not let yourself fall into this deep gorge! Didn't you see all those people back in the Lower Realm who had fallen inside and they still aren't able to climb out of it till this day?]

    The little black cat was suddenly glad that its MIstress has gained herself some emotional intelligence and knows to reveal her real gender before these young girls upfront.

    If another Qu Ling Yue comes around, it was thought that the Great Demon Lord might very well just blow his top!

    Jun Wu Xie followed Zi Jin and they walked for a rather long while as the ground below their feet sloped down more and more. They were going through a dense forest towards the mid sections of the mountain and there wasn't really a path. But as they walked on further, the places that Zi Jin was leading Jun Wu Xie into became more and more hidden. The little black cat was fully alert as it kept its guard up against everything around them.

    Jun Wu Xie was also keeping herself wary discreetly.

    It was only when they reached the mid section of the mountain that Zi Jin finally stopped her steps, as she waved at Jun Wu Xie.

    Under a jadeite green cover of vines, a tiny little cave appeared before Jun Wu Xie's eyes. The sides of that cave was covered with green moss, the depths within the cave a complete black. Hidden in the mid section of Mount Fu Yao, if one did not look highly carefully, they would not know what place this really was.

    Zi Jin nodded her head at Jun Wu Xie and she then picked up a Spirit Fire Globe to light it up before she stepped inside. Jun Wu Xie was not going to be shy about such a thing and she immediately catch up behind.

    The dim cave was rather humid and dripping water soaked through the earth fell to the ground, forming into tiny little streams. Even for a tiny and petite sized figure like Jun Wu Xie, entering the cave had required her to bend her back down. It could be imagined just how tight and narrow the cave really was.

    It was not known how long they had walked, but Zi Jin suddenly stopped in her tracks. She had stopped before a humongous rock and she took out the white jade key that had been hanging around her neck, to place it into an inconspicuous crevice at the edge of the rock.
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