Chapter 1483: “Spirit Jade Palace Lord (2)”

    Chapter 1483: "Spirit Jade Palace Lord (2)"

    All the ladies were still muttering in worried whispers as that low and lazy voice sounded from the back of the hall once again.

    "Having a friend come from afar, is always a great joy here. But what I do not understand, is why this guest of ours would want to use such underhanded tricks upon a disciple of my Spirit Jade Palace!"

    That voice was low and languid, completely unlike a clear grace that would be present in a woman's voice.

    When those words fell onto the ground, the light gauze that shrouded the interior of the hall were briefly stirred up by a slight breeze. Upon the raised platform at the back of the palatial hall, was a long cushy couch. A man dressed in pink clothes was reclined upon that couch, his head resting upon a hand, his eyes staring fixedly upon Jun Wu Xie.

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace was actually a man.....

    Jun Wu Xie was properly shocked by that revelation placed before her eyes.

    Within the wide and spacious Spirit Jade Palace, the large number of disciples were all female, with the lone exception of the Palace Lord who was male.

    Almost instantly, Jun Wu Xie did not have much of a good impression towards this Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace.

    "My LOrd!" When the man revealed his face, all the women fell to their knees in reverence. Even Zi Jin had knelt, staring at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord in fervour.

    "My Lord..... Am I....." Zi Jin suddenly felt that her mind was humming, like something in there was not within her control.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord suddenly sat up and with a light wave of his hand, his wide sleeve lightly brushed over the pink peach blossoms placed before him, and a strange fragrance wafted into Zi Jin's nose.

    In an instant, Zi Jin's slightly groggy mind instantly became clear. She stared strangely at Jun Wu Xie standing behind her, her face a mask of shock.

    "Why..... Why are you here....."

    In her mind, images of scenes both familiar and strange flashed in a surge, driving a throbbing ache into Zi Jin's head.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at the Palace Lord and lowered herself down to place a bottle of elixirs before Zi Jin and then stood up to say: "The Spirit Jade Palace has gone into seclusion for so long and if not for the chance encounter today, I will never have been able to see this. I might have caused some affront in my actions, and I seek for your understanding here."

    Zi Jin stood stunned, as she stared at the medicine bottle before her eyes.

    "It's rare to see that people still remember our Spirit Jade Palace. I wonder what brought our little Young Master here today?" The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace asked, his eyes gauging Jun Wu Xie up and down, and did not detect much enmity from the youth.

    "Cooperation." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed.

    "Cooperation?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie inquiringly. He paused a moment before he dismissed all his disciples, leaving only Jun Wu Xie and him alone within the palatial hall.

    When Jun Wu Xie saw what he did, she knew for sure that this man definitely possessed power above hers, or he would never risk leaving himself alone with her here.

    With things having reached such a stage, Jun Wu Xie did not want to waste time but went straight to the point and said: "For so many years, the Spirit Jade Palace had suffered persecution from the Twelve Palaces everywhere. Have you ever thought of retaliating?"

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace had a highly handsome countenance, his highly enchanting eyes deep and tender. Even with the slight frown upon his face now, it made one feel that they still looked highly alluring.

    "This little brother here, what you are trying to tell me is that you want to work together with me to overturn the current Twelve Palaces?" His eyes flared slightly, as he looked upon the highly audacious and bold little youth.

    "Why not?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow raised.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord burst out with laughter as he walked barefeet upon the polished marble floor. He casually picked up a jug of wine and pulled his head back to take an easy swig of wine in one smooth action. The eyes that were slightly misted up at the corners narrowed, the gaze that swung onto Jun Wu Xie tinged with a certain sharpness and chill.

    "I do not know who you are, and do not know what kind of hatred or desire for vengeance against the Twelve Palaces. But if you intend to use my Spirit Jade Palace as a blade to hold, you might have thought too simply of this!"
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