Chapter 1484: “Spirit Jade Palace Lord (3)”

    Chapter 1484: "Spirit Jade Palace Lord (3)"

    "I think there is nothing much more to discuss between us. If there is nothing else, the Young Master should please leave as the Spirit Jade Palace has never welcomed outsiders." The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace said discourteously, his tone seeking to expel the guest.

    However, Jun Wu Xie was not about to kick up a fuss, but merely remained calm before the unfriendliness as she fixed her clear and cold eyes to measure up the highly indolent Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace.

    "What you're worried of, is merely that the Spirit Jade Palace will be made use of. What if we do it like this?" Jun Wu Xie raised up a hand slowly, a silvery white glow gradually coalescing at the tip of her fingers. In a brief moment, the fresh fragrance of lotus immediately overtook the scent within the Spirit Jade Palace completely. A pure and pristine Imperial Snow Lotus floated above Jun Wu Xie's palm.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord stared in surprise at the scene before his eyes, the wine jug in his hand falling onto the floor, the Jade Nectar contained within spilling all over.

    "You..... You hold a plant ring spirit?" The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace asked, as he stared at Jun Wu Xie in half disbelief.

    Plant type ring spirits were rarely seen and even if one possessed it, some people would not even realize it. But to the various major powers throughout the Middle Realm, plant ring spirits held an extremely high allure to them.

    "As you can see, I can never ever coexist with the Twelve Palaces." Jun Wu Xie said tonelessly.

    Regardless whether one submitted or resisted against them, the highly rare plant ring spirit would pose to be the biggest temptation to the Twelve Palaces. As once they devoured the plant ring spirit, they would be able to achieve a bigger breakthrough in their powers!

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord fell silent a moment as he stared at the faintly glowing Imperial Snow Lotus, his eyes a complicated mix of emotions. He then raised his eyes up to look at Jun Wu Xie, his gaze filled with a kind of chill.

    "You would really just show your ring spirit before my eyes so casually? Could it be that you do not know that my Spirit Jade Palace was once considered to be one of them among the current Twelve Palaces? Aren't you afraid that I will make the first move to annihilate you instead?"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow, but there wasn't a single trace of nervousness on her face.

    The figure of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord suddenly came close to Jun Wu Xie. His stature was tall and slender, his head of long hair hanging loosely down his shoulders as his wine stained clothes hung slightly opened upon him. Although a the fragrance of the wine hung around him, the Palace Lord still exuded a strong oppressive aura.

    "Kid, I know you hold significant power. But with that bit of strength you have, it wouldn't even amount to much here at this place." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said coldly, his enchanting eyes slightly narrowed up.

    "If I want your life, you will then die here now." The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace then raised his hand posed at Jun Wu Xie's neck. But a brief glint of struggle then flashed within his eyes and he finally did not even touch Jun Wu Xie in the slightest.

    "If you really want your disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace to forever suffer under humiliation from the Twelve Palaces, then you can strike me down right here. The Spirit Jade Palace belongs to you and those disciples are yours to command as you deem fit. If you do not even see them as humans, why would you need an outsider like me to poke my nose into your affairs?" Jun Wu Xie did not fear the least bit of fear, her cold eyes looking straight at the highly good looking face close to her.

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace stared silently at Jun Wu Xie, the fists clenched up at his sides making crackling sounds from his immensely tight grip. He then spat out these words through a tiny gap in his stiff lips.

    "When have I ever said that I did not see them as human?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up and she retorted: "Oh? If I had not appeared in time today, I'm afraid that disciple of yours would have been mercilessly toyed with by that bunch from the Twelve Palaces. She can only blame it on that fact that her loyalty lies with such a place that cowardly hides itself in underground burrow, but her heart is still adamant on defending the reputation of this rotten and undeserving place."
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