Chapter 1485: “Spirit Jade Palace Lord (4)”

    Chapter 1485: "Spirit Jade Palace Lord (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie understood what it meant to bide one's time while concealing their strength. She also knew how one endured humiliation for greater good. But if there came a day that she had to allow the Rui Lin Army to be bullied and humiliated helplessly, then even at the cost of her very own life, she would make those people realize that the Rui Lin Army was not to be trifled with lightly.

    Regardless of she was to break her body and have her bones crushed, she would disassemble the bones of the other party!

    The sharp glint in Jun Wu Xie's eyes did not show that she was joking or playing deceit. Pushed by Jun Wu Xie so hard, his easy steps suddenly stiffened.

    "I have already told them all that the Spirit Jade Palace is no longer the same as before. Anyone of them can choose to leave at any time and I will not pursue them in any way. Once outside, there was also no need for any of them to proclaim that they are members of the Spirit Jade Palace." The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace retreated two steps and suddenly turned himself around, but was seemingly unwilling to look into the penetrating gaze of Jun Wu Xie's.

    "They did not leave." Jun Wu Xie mercilessly pointed out the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's half hearted example of self justification.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was a little flustered as he went over to the fluffy couch to sit down, his almond shaped eyes looking highly repressed. "Kid, what have you really come here for?"

    "I've said it. Cooperation." Jun Wu Xie said patiently.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord remeasured the youth who was shooting off such astounding words from his mouth before him once again, his brows furrowing up together.

    "I have not been moving about in the Middle Realm for a long time and I can no longer clearly remember about the things out there. Judging from your bone structure, you're a youth of only about fifteen or sixteen. How did you manage to attain the Purple Spirit? Has the last thousand years that passed made all youths your age to be able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit out there?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord and calculated the chips she now held in her hand. She finally sat herself down upon a low table at the side and poured herself a cup of wine to drink on her own.

    "I am from the Lower Realm."

    "What?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was stunned.

    [The Lower Realm?]

    "Unbelievable?" Jun Wu Xie took a slight sip of the wine as she looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord with an eyebrow lifted up. "If the Twelve Palaces had not stretched their claws too far and disrupted my peace, do you really think that I will come all the way here to the Middle Realm to bring such trouble onto myself?"

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord stared at Jun Wu Xie, the expression in his eyes undergoing a subtle but distinct transformation.

    [This kid is really bold but has a very steady temperament and disposition. Suits his taste just right.]

    "Seems like our little brother here is someone with a story behind him as well." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said and waved his arm to beckon in a hook. The wine jug upon the table at the side immediately shifted itself into his hand, with Jun Wu Xie silently watching it all.

    Such telekinesis abilities was currently beyond her and she had only seen Jun Wu Yao use it before.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord did indeed possess extraordinary powers as expected but it brought to her one point that puzzled Jun Wu Xie. If the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace was so powerful, why was he unable to suppress the internal strife that rocked the palace before? It had caused the entire Spirit Jade Palace to crumble and fall apart to finally decline into such a sorry state.

    The two of people had their own worries, holding their own secrets.

    "For our little brother to have come all the way to the Middle Realm and then managing to find our Spirit Jade Palace, I suppose that you have embraced the idea that you would rather the jade be broken than to keep a tile intact, willing to give up your life than suffer dishonour. But there is one thing I will ask. What do you have to negotiate terms for cooperation with me? Although you possess significant powers, it's far inferior to mine. If it's just your powers alone, why would I need your help?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord admired Jun Wu Xie, but that did not mean that he would be willing to stake the entire Spirit Jade Palace on a gamble with Jun Wu Xie without a thought.

    A thousand years, and they had endured and swallowed an immeasurable amount of humiliation and suffering. If there was no good enough reason, why would he risk his own life to pit himself against the Twelve Palaces just because of a little kid from the Lower Realm?

    Jun Wu Xie looked straight at the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace and with a serious expression, she said.

    "Based on the fact I can make you the only Lord of all the Twelve Palaces."
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