Chapter 1486: “Spirit Jade Palace Lord (5)”

    Chapter 1486: "Spirit Jade Palace Lord (5)"

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face turned into one showing a trace of surprise but he then quickly burst out laughing.

    "Little Brother, aren't you bragging a tad bit too much here?"

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze over to look at him and said: "If I am incapable of it, I will not speak of it to you."

    "You are one helluva interesting kid. But if you want to convince me to accept your proposal, it won't just be that easy. I need to see something a little more concrete first." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said.

    Jun Wu Xie was not surprised in the least towards the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's wariness and caution. She admired allies who were more careful with things which would reduce any chances of mistakes or misunderstandings in their cooperation.

    "The Palace Lord said I possess significant powers. With this level of power, how would I do after being accepted into the Twelve Palaces?" Jun Wu Xie asked unhurriedly.

    "A rare young talent, you're sure to be highly regarded and prized." The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace highly admired Jun Wu Xie for being able to attain such levels of power at such a young age. Looking throughout the entire Middle Realm, less than a handful would be able to achieve such standards and even the mighty Twelve Palaces would be highly eager to win themselves a member such as her.

    "If I strove to my utmost and spared no effort for the Twelve Palaces, would they treat me as one of their own and groom me?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    "They naturally will. The purpose of the Battle of Deities is held for them to identify youths who were still young and still rather naive towards the ways of the world, their ultimate aim being to groom and develop powerful members loyal to them." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord then told her.

    "What if I then stab them right in their hearts at that point?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask further.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord gave a light laugh and replied: "Even if you are able to stir up one palace into complete chaos, you will still not be able to shake the very foundation of the Twelve Palaces. Although they aren't exactly cohesive both on the surface and at heart, but they all place great importance upon their title as one among the Twelve Palaces. Unless they are left with absolutely no other choice, they would definitely not shed all their pretense at cordiality and fall out with each other. Hence, even if you are able to gain control over just one of the Twelve Palaces, it would still not amount to much."

    "Not just one." Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised up her head, lifting her chin up slightly. "It's five."

    "FIVE? !" That reply that stood at almost half their numbers properly gave the Spirit Jade Lord a good amount of shock.

    "Five youths who hold similar levels of power to mine." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "At ages similar to you?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord inquired.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "And how can you be certain that these people will not go back on their word after being accepted into the Twelve Palaces?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord persisted.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes slightly and raised her hand up to fill up her cup that was now empty.

    "Because their hearts hold blood vengeance that does not allow them to coexist under the same Heavens with the Twelve Palaces."

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace fell silent and continued to stare at this youth who was seemingly putting things very lightly with his words, his eyes surging with waves of emotion.

    "You dare to tell me all this here today, but aren't you afraid that I might relay everything to the Twelve Palaces?"

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze over to him and said.

    "Even if you told them word for word, they wouldn't believe you."

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace then broke out in laughter.

    "You're right! Who would believe that anyone from the Spirit Jade Palace would want to help any of the Twelve Palaces to escape from a plot against them? Even if I told it to them myself, they would just think that I am trying to drive a wedge between them, and am merely unwilling to see them recruit such rare talents!"

    After his bout of laughter continued for a while more, he suddenly stopped abruptly. His highly slovenly pair of alluring eyes swept over the side profile of Jun Wu Xie's face.

    "Kid, did you have this all thought out when you first saw Zi Jin? You guessed that I would not sit back and do nothing when my disciple had been bullied by others, and knew that the Twelve Palaces and the Spirit Jade Palace are incompatible like fire and water where I will definitely not tell on you, and hence, you had so boldly then revealed to me all your plans confidently?" All of these, every single step she took, had all already been within the little kid's calculations!

    Jun Wu Xie merely raised up her head, neither admitting nor denying anything, and staring at the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace with her cold and highly chilling eyes.
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