Chapter 1488: “So That’s How It Is (1)”

    Chapter 1488: "So That's How It Is (1)"

    By the time Jun Wu Xie got back to Mount Fu Yao, the skies were just beginning to show its first glimmers of light. Only a scattered few people were in the streets in that mountaintop. She walked soundlessly to the inn she was residing at and when she pushed the door softly onwards, the sounds of a couple of rising and falling snores could immediately be heard. A tall figure sat upright upon a bed at the side, his handsome countenance twisted up with worry as he sat forlornly with a frown while staring out the window.

    When he heard the sound of the door being pushed inwards, the youth immediately turned his head around, his face looking dumbly straight at Jun Wu Xie, and then lighting up with absolute delight.

    Jun Wu Xie put a finger to her lips in a gesture to remain quiet and then hooked her finger at him, indicating for Qiao Chu to come outside.

    Qiao Chu instantly shot himself outside and the two of them took the opportunity that it was not yet light to find themselves a spot within the mountain woods where there was nobody around to sit down upon the grass.

    His behind had just touched the ground when Qiao Chu could no longer wait to open his mouth to speak.

    "Where could our little lass have disappeared to the entire night! ? I waited up the entire time and when I did not see you return, I thought that something had happened to you!" Qiao Chu lamented as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, his face highly sorrowful. When everyone had split up and gone on to find their own ways to sneak into Mount Fu Yao, they had all fully believed and had faith in each other's powers. But he had just miraculously bumped into Jun Wu Xie yesterday and seen her for awhile even she had quickly gone missing that very same night. His poor little heart had really found that a little hard to take.

    "I went to get some things done." Jun Wu Xie then seemed to be thinking for a brief moment before she opened her mouth to call out: "Ye Sha, Ye Gu."

    As soon as her voice fell, the figures of Ye Sha and Ye Gu immediately appeared behind her.

    "What instructions does Young Miss have for us?"

    The two men immediately asked.

    "When I was at the Spirit Jade Palace earlier, did the two of you detect anything?" Jun Wu Xie asked them.


    Ye Sha and Ye Gu were silent.

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie was quick to notice that their reactions were rather abnormal.

    "Reporting to Young Miss, the rock that sealed the entrance was a little strange. The time it stayed open was too short and we were not able to get inside." Ye Sha replied with his head lowered.

    Ye Gu swept his gaze over Ye Sha, wishing he could sink his foot into that imbecile to kick him away.

    Ye Gu had wanted to bash his way in at that time but Ye Sha had stopped him. Ye Sha had been following Jun Wu Xie for a longer period of time and he knew Jun Wu Xie's temperament and her way of doing things much better. Jun Wu Xie had gone to the Spirit Jade Palace to seek herself an ally and not to stir up trouble. If they had struck at that moment, it would only disrupt Jun Wu Xie's plans.

    "Oh." Jun Wu Xie nodded her head but did not say anything more.

    Ye Sha felt Ye Gu's piercing stare upon him and it made his skin crawl, thinking that he was going to be in hot soup later.

    Qiao Chu was getting intrigued while listening to them from the side. He waved his hand before Jun Wu Xie's eyes and asked: "Hey, Little Xie. What palace did you say it was?"

    "Spirit Jade Palace." Jun Wu Xie repeated. "You know of it?"

    Qiao Chu scratched at his head. "Spirit Jade Palace..... Spirit Jade Palace..... I seem to have any impression of it but just can remember it."

    Ye Sha then said from the side: "Is the Spirit Jade Palace that Young Miss mentioned the one that once stood together with the Twelve Palaces?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Ye Sha then said: "The Spirit Jade Palace was originally one among the Twelve Palaces and the Twelve Palaces were initially known as the Thirteen Palaces. The Spirit Jade Palace stood within the higher ranks among the Thirteen Palaces and there were not many palaces who were able to match up to them. Moreover, the criteria the Spirit Jade Palace had for accepting members was exceptional. They only accepted young girls below ten years of age to join and if anyone was beyond that she restriction or of a different gender, the Spirit Jade Palace rejected them without any exception. Besides that, the Spirit Jade Palaces had no other criteria for the young girls regardless of their potential or talents, where they would be accepted once they were selected. And because the disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace grew up from young within the palace, the Spirit Jade Palace was one of the most steady and unshakable among the Thirteen Palaces."
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