Chapter 1489: “So That’s How It Is (2)”

    Chapter 1489: "So That's How It Is (2)"

    "But at one point of time very very long ago, the Spirit Jade Palace had for some unknown reason, suddenly suffered from some internal strife where it caused them to instantly fall from their position of being one of the strongest palace among the Thirteen Palaces. Although rumours about the Spirit Jade Palace were still heard after that, most of them were of them being persecuted by disciples of the Twelve Palaces, never once hearing about them reemerging back into prominence."

    "This incident of the Spirit Jade Palace happened too early and your subordinate was not here at that time. Hence, I do not know know the real reason behind it." Ye Sha said.

    Ye Gu was also nodding his head at the side.

    "I remember it now!" Qiao Chu suddenly became highly excited. "I'm finally able to recall where I've heard about the Spirit Jade Palace! When I was young, my mother told me that the most beautiful woman in our entire Middle Realm was the Palace Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace. She said that the Spirit Jade Palace had beauties as numerous as clouds in the skies....." That memory from such a long time ago made Qiao Chu unable to help himself but smile. He had been very young then and he did not know anything. When he held on to a little girl's sleeve and refused to let go, that was how his mother had coaxed him, telling him that he would find the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace in future, to allow him to pick a beautiful girl from there, for him to take as his wife.

    [The Middle Realm's most beautiful..... girls.....]

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes looked far into the distance. She was a hundred and one percent certain that that person back in the Spirit Jade Palace, was a guy! And a pure one!

    "Why is it said that their Palace Lord was the most beautiful woman of the Middle Realm?" Jun Wu Xie asked, feigning innocence.

    Qiao Chu replied: "I do not know. But with the Spirit Jade Palace being a place that only recruited female disciples, a lot of their members would naturally possess highly outstanding looks. With such a horde of beauties, wouldn't their Palace Lord need to be a highly ravishing beauty to be able to hold them down?"

    Jun Wu Xie really had to bow to the single cell organism that Qiao Chu was, defeated by his answer that was so brutally simple and honest.

    "Actually, how the Palace Lord looks, or what his personality was like, no one knew. Besides the people of the Spirit Jade Palaces themselves, no one has seen the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's real countenance as he had never taken a step out from the Spirit Jade Palace." Ye Gu recalled what he knew and spoke his thoughts aloud.

    Putting it that way, then it might make sense. Jun Wu Xie then nodded her head thoughtfully.

    "Ye Gu, Jun Wu Yao told me before that the Purple Spirit was just merely the foundation in the Middle Realm. Then, above this foundation, what is there?" Jun Wu Xie tilted her head to look at the youthful and clear faced Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu then said in a highly earnest and serious tone: "It is separated into five levels above the basic Purple Spirit. Beyond those five levels will then be the Silver Spirit and after the Silver Spirit will be Gold, where both the two Gold and Silver Spirits are each separated into another five levels as well. The Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons that Young Miss fought back in the Clear Breeze City was a Purple Spirit at the third level and the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces should have all broken through to the Silver Spirit. Above the Purple Spirit, the disparity between each and every level would be like that of the clouds in the sky to the mud on the ground."

    "What level am I at now?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "Young Miss is now at the Purple Spirit's fourth level." Ye Gu replied.

    "What about me? Me?" Qiao Chu suddenly could not wait to go up and ask.

    Ye Gu glanced at him and spoke candidly: "Young Master Qiao and the other Young Masters' powers should be at the third level."

    "Har?" Qiao Chu was stunned.

    "This..... This could be a mistake. We..... We are all one level below Little Xie?" Qiao Chu was suddenly feeling that his mind was being overtaxed. [When they had gone into the Dark Emperor's tomb, Jun Wu Xie's spirit powers had been weaker than all of them. In the end, it's just been a while since they came out from there and she has already surpassed all of them.....

    Qiao Chu was suddenly overcome with a feeling that he had nothing else to live for. He could still remember the first time when he had met Jun Wu Xie back in the Ghost City. She had been so tiny, so weak! !

    And the cruel truth had now pouncing right upon him from the front!
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