Chapter 1490: “So That’s How It Is (3)”

    Chapter 1490: "So That's How It Is (3)"

    Qiao Chu immediately turned into a tomato covered in frost, brittle and would easily crumble.

    "Mount Fu Yao is the place with the highest density of spirit energy concentration throughout the Middle Realm and our Young Miss might as well use the time spent here during the Battle of Deities Grand Meet to continue with her cultivation." Ye Gu went on to say.

    As he spoke, from within Ye Gu's robe at his chest, a tiny head then poked out suddenly, going "meh meh~" at Jun Wu Xie.

    Hearing Lord Meh Meh's voice, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit whom Ye Sha had stuffed in his robes on the other side could not help but burrow its head out as well. The two dumb beasts then went on to cry out for Jun Wu Xie's attention, so noisy were they that Ye Sha and Ye Gu had no choice but to put them down, leaving them in Jun Wu Xie's hands to coax and appease them.

    Jun Wu Xie had not intended to bring these two dumb beasts here into the Middle Realm. But as she really could not endure the incessant attacks on her heart from these two adorable little fellas, she had had no choice but to temporarily shove them into the care of Ye Sha and Ye Gu for the moment.

    It wasn't that bad for Ye Gu. Although he had an explosive temperament, his appearance was still that of a young boy. Hence, even when he carried such a cute and adorable little Spirit Beast within his arms, he did not attract that much attention from others.

    But for Ye Sha, who besides being tall and towering in stature, had an extremely cold face with a chillingly stern expression. Seeing him carry the tiny palm sized Sacrificial Blood Rabbit around made people could not help but feel a kind of mystifying endearment towards him.

    Jun Wu Xie and the two dumb beasts indulged themselves for a while as the sky gradually brightened, and the number of people coming out and about on the mountaintop began to grow. Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie then stood up to leave, readying themselves to go back to find out what was going on first.

    Based on their calculations of the time, it was only a few more days to the Battle of Deities Grand Meet itself. But when Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu returned back, they received a piece of news.

    For some unknown reason, the Battle of Deities Grand Meet had suddenly been pushed back by half a month, and that piece of news immediately caused a flurry of delight and sorrow from all the youths who had come from all over. Delight for those who felt they had more time to prepare themselves, sorrow for those who were so nervous about the meet and they would have to suffer the torture for another two weeks.


    The cost of things at the summit of Mount Fu Yao was a little brutal as well!

    At the first instance after Jun Wu Xie heard the news, with a wave of her hand at Qiao Chu, she immediately abandoned him, leaving him to his own devices to decide whether he would live or die on his own, while she herself then went on her own way onto the path that led down Mount Fu Yao.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu followed her the entire way, till their eyes saw Jun Wu Xie actually slipping into the cave that housed the entrance to the Spirit Jade Palace.

    "The Young Miss is intending to.....?" Ye Sha was suddenly a little nervous.

    "During this period, I will temporarily be staying at the Spirit Jade Palace for my cultivation. Two weeks later on the day before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet commences, I will come here. Within this period, the two of you..... can go free and easy." Jun Wu Xie said with a calm expression as she looked at Ye Sha and Ye Gu.

    The jaws of the two men immediately dropped to the ground!

    "Young..... Young Miss..... This..... This is......" Ye Gu could only stutter, the half of his face that was exposed outside the mask becoming red from holding back. He had not served Jun Wu Xie for that long a period of time, but Lord Jue had left strict instructions for him and Ye Sha to take good care of Jun Wu Xie, and to also obey Jun Wu Xie's command. But the current situation had thrown the one tracked mind Ye Gu into a helpless bundle in shock.

    "Young Miss, without holding the key to this place, you will also not be able to move that rock at the entrance." Ye Sha reminded Jun Wu Xie calmly.

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze onto the two of them and then turned to walk up to the rock. She then felt about in her sleeve and pulled out an exquisitely made white jade key, looking exactly the same as the one they had seen hung around Zi Jin's neck the last time, with even the string that was tied around the key looking just as alike!

    "Young Miss, when did you....." Ye Sha was equally stunned in shock.

    But Jun Wu Xie had no intention of giving them that much time to digest the information and she quickly slipped herself through the crevice that had opened up behind the rock.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu could do nothing but stare as the rock moved back in place to seal the entrance shut, their minds suddenly a complete blank.
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