Chapter 1491: “Come Uninvited (1)”

    Chapter 1491: "Come Uninvited (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie had never really thought that the day would come when she learnt this pickpocket skill by sleight of hand from a certain someone would come in so handy!

    The little black cat soundlessly slipped into Jun Wu Xie's shoulder, and couldn't help feeling there had been no other choice towards Jun Wu Xie's highly convenient acquisition of the key from Zi Jin.

    Inside the Spirit Jade Palace, melodious music played like before, but the sounds of delighted laughs from yesterday were no longer heard but had been replaced by a soft sobbing, and several voices in hushed whispers.

    Jun Wu Xie seeked out the sounds and slowly walked towards them. She then saw Zi Jin seated by the pond as she wiped at her tears. The little ladies bedside her were taking turns to speak, trying their best to comfort the little girl.

    The bunch of young ladies were huddled together when they suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie on the opposite side of the pond and they all immediately broke into another bout of hysteria, the bunch of little ladies scattering like a flock of startled birds, like Jun Wu Xie was some kind of terrifying monster.

    It ended up with Zi Jin being left standing alone by the pond's edge, to stare in frozen surprise at Jun Wu Xie.

    "It's you! You! How dare you still come here!" Zi Jin was so furious her eyes immediately turned red and she pulled out the leather whip hanging from her hip in that instant, her red eyes staring straight at Jun Wu Xie, her face filled with rage from humiliation.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie calmly looked at Zi Jin who was acting a little strange.

    "You actually dared to use mystifying drugs on me yesterday, leading me to bring you here into the palace! You..... You are just too....." Zi Jin was becoming angrier the more she thought about it. After she had come in contact with Jun Wu Xie yesterday, her mind had become drowsy and highly hazy, where she was unable to determine fully what had happened yesterday no matter how much she tried to recall it. She could only remember some fragmented images which just threw her mind into even greater confusion.

    The Spirit Jade Palace had never allowed any males into the place but she had very rashly brought Jun Wu Xie in here. Although the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had not admonished her at all about it, Zi Jin nevertheless blamed herself. And what really caused Zi Jin to cry was the fact that she had never even held a boy's hand but among the fragmented images within her mind, there was an instance where Jun Wu Xie had come forward and held her hand!

    Jun Wu Xie continued to look at Zi Jin, feeling slightly confused.

    Zi Jin was both angry and frustrated as she waited for Jun Wu Xie, which just mystified Jun Wu Xie even further.

    Although she had made use of Zi Jin to infiltrate into the Spirit Jade Palace at first, but she had already managed to reach an agreement with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord for them to cooperate, so looking at it from a certain perspective, Zi Jin had not only not committed a wrong, but had done something right instead.

    [But..... why does the expression on her face look like something isn't right?]

    Jun Wu Xie was completely unaware that the drug she had given to Zi Jin, would leave only those images of things that had happened in her mind, but in terms of voices and sounds.....

    Hence, to Zi Jin's memory at that time only contained..... Jun Wu Xie pulling on her hand, to place onto Jun Wu Xie's chest.

    "Zi Jin!" Just as Jun Wu Xie was feeling completely mystified on what was happening, a lazy sounding voice suddenly rang out.

    Zi Jin jumped, slightly startled before turning to kneel before the approaching figure.

    "My Lord."

    "Your body's still not recovered. Go get some rest." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said, looking at Zi Jin.

    "Yes, my Lord." Zi Jin said, biting her lip slightly as she left without another sound.

    Till Zi Jin had left, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's gaze then shifted onto Jun Wu Xie. He arched an eyebrow up slightly and stared at the youth who had so brashly intruded in here once again.

    "Kid, why have you come here again today?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked right at the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace and replied: "The Battle of Deities Grand Meet has been postponed to half a month later and the mountain's summit is filled to overflowing with people.

    "So?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord suddenly felt an ominous feeling creeping into his heart.

    "As an ally, during this period, I want to remain here to cultivate my powers." Jun Wu Xie said. She had thought through that point. Mount Fu Yao was brimming with spirit energy and was most suitable for cultivation. But her cultivation must not be known by too many people and she had just simply decided..... that the Spirit Jade Palace was within Mount Fu Yao and it would be such a waste to not make use of the place.

    The face of the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace immediately turned a pale shade, his highly alluring almond eyes widened, his lips puckering up with his mouth hanging open in abject horror.
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