Chapter 1492: “Come Uninvited (2)”

    Chapter 1492: "Come Uninvited (2)"

    "You can't." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said with a stiff expression upon his handsome face.

    "You cannot remain here." His tone especially hard.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow as she stared at the stiffened corners of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's mouth. "Why?"

    "The Spirit Jade Palace does not allow any males inside." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's voice grew stern.

    Jun Wu Xie's clear eyes then swept their cold gaze all the way from the head to the toes of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord, measuring him up slowly, her meaning couldn't be any clearer.

    The expression on Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face did not change and he drew in a deep breath before he said: "Except for me."

    "I reject." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "....." The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace stared his eyes out at the impossibly stubborn little brat. [Isn't the kid thinking a little too much of himself here? When did he ever say that the brat can reject it?]

    "If you're worried about your disciples within the palace, you can rest well assured. You will only need to give me a room and I'll will not move about as I wish." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say. She had noticed the differentiation between males and females here and that was why she had not brought Dumb Qiao over.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's mouth was stiffened very tightly, his foot itching to kick this arrogant and unyielding little brat right out of the place.

    [You don't realize this has absolutely nothing to do with his disciples at all! !]

    "You still cannot!"

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze to glance at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. "People throughout the world are all saying that the Spirit Jade Palace has beauties as numerous as clouds and that their very own Palace Lord is even the most ravishing beauty throughout the entire Middle Realm. But no one knows that the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace is actually a man instead. Could it be..... there's a secret that cannot be made known to outsiders?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were chillingly cold, almost as if they could see through people's hearts.

    Jun Wu Xie stared so hard at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord so hard that it made him feel that he had really done something too shameful to be known and his face turned a highly ugly shade.

    "You little brat....." His eyes narrowed to a slit. If it wasn't for the fact that he saw that the kid had some capabilities he would have killed him with a palm and fed him to the fishes. "Stay if you want, but I am warning you now! You're not allowed to get close to any single disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace. And! Anything that belongs to me, you're not allowed to touch it in the slightest."

    Upon saying that, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord snapped his fingers and a white haired old woman came walking slowly in. Although her face was completely filled with wrinkles, there wasn't the least bit of dottiness or senility from old age in her gaze.

    "I'll hand this kid over to you. Just get him any old place that doesn't have anyone around and put him there. Have someone send him three meals a day and don't let the other disciples get close to the place." The shade on the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face was a highly ugly one and although he had forced himself to accept Jun Wu Xie's request, he had done it highly grudgingly.

    [This little brat actually had the audacity to hint to him earlier that he might be immorally involved with his disciples in the Spirit Jade Palace!

    If he had had any immoral intentions, he would have done it from way back before! Would be even need to have this kid come question him?

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace left with his face dark as thunder, while that old woman's face was highly amiable, the eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie filled with smiles.

    "This little Young Master, how should I address you?"

    Jun Wu Xie replied politely: "Your junior is surnamed Jun."

    "Young Master Jun, my name is Yue. Just call me Granny Yue and it'll do. With the age I'm already at, addressing me as Granny wouldn't be taking advantage of you." Granny Yue said as she laughed while looking at Jun Wu Xie. "Will Young Master Jun come this way with me please." After saying that, Granny Yue then turned herself around and walked towards the inside of the palace.

    When Granny Yue had appeared earlier, Jun Wu Xie had not detected anyone close by but with just a quick snap of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's fingers, Granny Yue had immediately appeared. It was obvious that Granny Yue had not been physically too far away from them.

    With Jun Wu Xie's powers at the Purple Spirit's fourth level and she had not been able to feel Granny Yue's presence the slightest bit, that had made Jun Wu Xie think it rather astonishing.

    Seems like the Spirit Jade Palace was a place that some dragons hid and tigers crouched.
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