Chapter 1493: “Come Uninvited (3)”

    Chapter 1493: "Come Uninvited (3)"

    The Spirit Jade Palace was extremely huge. The last time Jun Wu Xie came, she had merely walked in the Outer Palace, passing through the long walkways filled with birdsong and fragrant flowers, clear sparkling waters with more lotus blooms upon its surface than one could count. But although the underground cave was immense, one still could not see the skies in here. Jun Wu Xie noticed that the roof of the Spirit Jade Palace, the top of the cave, was filled with rows upon rows of purple coloured crystals. Those crystals seemed to have light hidden in them, lighting up everything within the cave.

    Like a palace that had been constructed from crystal.

    Jun Wu Xie followed behind Granny Yue as they walked, occasionally passing by some of the Spirit Jade Palace's disciples. Those little ladies had been clustered together in laughter and when they saw Jun Wu Xie behind Granny Yue, they all immediately dispersed in fright.

    That scene, made Jun Wu Xie subconsciously feel her own face.

    [Could it be that the looks she had altered on her face been too ugly this time? And that frightened off that bunch of young girls?]

    "Young Master Jun must not mind them. Those kids had not stepped out from the Spirit Jade Palace much and had not had much contact with outsiders, hence they will be feeling a little lost when faced with a male." Granny Yue said amicably.

    "They had never stepped out from the Spirit Jade Palace?" Jun Wu Xie was suddenly feeling rather curious how the Spirit Jade Palace had preserved itself to remain till this day.

    Granny Yue said: "Some have gone out, some have come here and never left since. Since Young Master Jun came from outside, you should know that the Middle Realm currently has no place for the Spirit Jade Palace to stand firm upon. These children are not highly gifted and their powers are mediocre, living under the protection of the Palace Lord all this time. If they were to go out there brashly, they might be exposed to unknown provocation."

    The Spirit Jade Palace's position was currently rather awkward. Although the Nine Temples still acknowledged their existence, the Twelve Palaces were highly against them, to the point that they were always seeking to exterminate them completely.

    The Spirit Jade Palace when recruiting their disciples, did not look at talents nor aptitude, but only one lone criteria. They must be female.

    "These children are pure and innocent. Young Master Jun can rest assured that I will remind them to not come cause you and disturbance, and I will have people sending you your three meals daily." Granny Yue said as she brought Jun Wu Xie to come to a quiet little courtyard. There was a tiny little pavilion within the courtyard and there was just one house here, highly peaceful and tranquil.

    "You'll find everything you need here. Young Master Jun should take a rest and if there's anything you need from us, just shake this bell. When the bell is heard, someone will then come here."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and said: "Thank you for the trouble."

    Granny Yue smiled, and did not tarry for much longer before she stepped out from the room, even pulling the door closed behind her as she left.

    Jun Wu Xie looked around at the entire room bursting with pink, filled with the flavours of a room that belongs to a young girl. Finding nothing wrong or out of place with the room, Jun Wu Xie then leisurely sat herself down inside it.

    "The Spirit Jade Palace underwent a huge change a thousand years ago, and their position became unstable. How many of the Spirit Jade Palace's disciples had remained behind at that time? Within this palace, how many of the disciples were recruited after that?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. The more she came to know about the Spirit Jade Palace, the stranger she thought this Spirit Jade Palace was.

    [Granny Yue's powers were stronger than hers, while her own powers were higher than that of an Elder in the Palace of Flame Demons.]

    Jun Wu Xie did not know how many more of such powerful entities the Spirit Jade Palace hid, but no matter which way she looked at it, she did not think that the Spirit Jade Palace had really chosen to go into reclusion because they were weak.

    After thinking it through for a while, Jun Wu Xie did not want to spend any more time thinking about it. She gathered herself together and then stood up to walk to the side of the table, to bring out the basin that she kept the lotus in from within the Cosmos Sack, to begin with her cultivation.
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