Chapter 1494: “Fragrance of Women (1)”

    Chapter 1494: "Fragrance of Women (1)"

    Within the Spirit Jade Palace, the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace sat upon his chair and his handsome almond shaped eyes were at that moment staring fixedly upon the parchment used for drawing in melancholy.

    "My Lord." The figure of Granny Yue appeared before the door outside.

    "Young Master Jun's accommodations have been arranged for. My Lord does not have to worry about that anymore."

    "Mm." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord nodded his head slightly.

    "Your subordinate can see that Young Master Jun possesses a cold personality with a pair of clear eyes without subterfuge. He doesn't look like a person with sinister intentions and would most probably not disturb the other disciples within the palace." Granny Yue told the Palace Lord.

    "I know that." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said rather despondently as he massaged his temples. "If he was really someone with undesirable intentions, I would not allowed him to even set foot within the palace. I am not worried that he would do anything to the disciples in the palace, but the reason I do not want him remaining in the palace is something Little Yue surely knows."

    Granny Yue's gaze were staring at the ground. That address of her as "Little Yue" might sound highly strange that it would be used on such a highly wizened old lady like her, but it was a form of address she had heard used upon her from this man throughout the majority of her life.

    "My Lord's worries is clearly understood. Your subordinate will have people watching closely to make sure Young Master Jun does not touch any of my Lord's belongings."

    "Mm, you go get yourself some rest as well." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said with a lazy wave of his hand.

    Granny Yue immediately retreated from the room.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord sat alone within his room, to stare at the blank parchment before him as he let out a long sigh.

    Jun Wu Xie had settled herself inside the Spirit Jade Palace by now and as per her "agreement" (though under threat) with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord, three meals were delivered to her daily and most of the time there would just be a quick knock on her room's door where Jun Wu Xie would only see a fleeting figure speeding away who would have left behind a lunchbox placed right in front of the door.

    Without much else to do, Jun Wu Xie would remain inside her room to cultivate her spirit powers. Although Masters and Mistresses of plant type ring spirits were not able to receive the speedy progress in their cultivation in a place with such high concentration of spirit energy like most people, Jun Wu Xie had discovered from long ago that though she was unable to absorb the spirit energy directly, she was able to increase the speed of the conversion through cultivating the Imperial Snow Lotus, which also greatly sped up the growth of the Imperial Snow Lotuses as well.

    Although cultivating the Imperial Snow Lotus using Water of Heaven's Spring did not give her as great an effect as cultivating from Little Lotus' body itself, but by the manner of ingestion, it could still give her effects that the most top notch elixirs wouldn't even be able to achieve, which was best for building and nurturing the body's constitution. Jun Wu Xie had planted several blooms of Imperial Snow Lotuses over this period as the objectives for this trip to the Middle Realm this time, besides giving the Twelve Palaces a hard time, Jun Wu Xie had also intended to go to the Spirit World to seek her father, Jun Gu's spirit. Before that was achieved, she had to ensure that Jun Gu's body remains whole and unaffected and hence she had cultivated those several blooms of Imperial Snow Lotus into elixirs and mixed them with water to pour down Jun Gu's throat that would greatly increase the effect.

    "A pity that my seeds cannot be cultivated by Mistress herself. Or I would have really liked to see Mistress paying my seeds the same kind of looks of intense concentration you are giving those lotuses now." It was not known from when Poppy had slipped out and was languidly plopped upon the bed, his protruding neck bone drawing a highly alluring neckline.

    The little black cat threw a glance towards Poppy, inborn with seductivity, and went on to lick its paw.

    [This scoundrel must be being so gutsy because he knows that that Great Demon Lord is not by Jun Wu Xie's side and both Ye Sha and Ye Gu were shut out from the Spirit Jade Palace, rendering them both unable to go carry tales, so he had quickly reverted back to his old ways now!]

    "If you continue to jabber such nonsense here, would you believe that I can make you find yourself unable to get out of bed for the next three days?" Drunk Lotus leapt onto a chair at the side with a whoosh, a wine gourd held loosely in his hand, his slightly flushed face pink as he stared at Poppy.

    The little black cat immediately palmed its own little face.

    [Those words! Absolutely too filthy!]
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