Chapter 1495: “Fragrance of Women (2)”

    Chapter 1495: "Fragrance of Women (2)"

    Within the Spirit Jade Palace, besides the Palace Lord himself, all the rest of the disciples were female. There were bumbling young girls who knew nothing about the world outside, there were also gentle and graceful ladies with beautiful warm smiles. There was also no lack of highly alluring women who tugged at heartstrings of men and white haired wizened grannies with amiable gazes in their eyes.

    Throughout the entire Spirit Jade Palace, and deep inside Mount Fu Yao itself, few people ever went inside the palace, with the lone male within always just the Palace Lord himself all this time.

    However, in the hearts of all his disciples, the way they saw their Palace Lord had long transcended all boundaries and distinction between genders. He had become the firmest form of faith their hearts relied on, their only belief in worship.

    But now things have taken a strange turn. The Spirit Jade Palace suddenly had a delicately good looking youth living in there. That had terrified many of the young little girls who had never taken a single step out from the Spirit Jade Palace's doors.

    It wasn't that bad for disciples who occasionally went out to move about like Zi Jin as they had seen quite a number of other males out there and they couldn't care less about the situation. But to those young females who had since the moment they came to the Spirit Jade Palace had never once interacted with the opposite sex with the exception of the Palace Lord, it greatly mattered to them, and was a very big deal.

    From the first day that Jun Wu Xie had come into the Spirit Jade Palace, the voices raised in debate continued to rise and had not stopped a single moment.

    The first time when Jun Wu Xie had tricked Zi Jin into bringing her into the Spirit Jade Palace, many disciples had been gathered within the palace's main hall and had seen this strange little youth, but they had never expected that that very youth would so suddenly become a neighbourly resident of theirs!

    Some were afraid, some were rather nervous, and there were even some feeling rather curious about it. All those bumbling and highly innocent little lasses all carried apprehension in their hearts as they squatted around on the outside of Jun Wu Xie's courtyard, hoping to catch a glimpse of this highly novel young boy youth.

    If Jun Wu Xie had known that her moment of laziness that had prevented her from explaining that she was actually a girl would lead to her becoming an exotic specimen that everyone in the Spirit Jade Palace would surround to watch and admire, she would have declared in the very first instant she stepped into the Spirit Jade Palace that she was a girl, a pure female through and through!

    "Senior Zi Jin. Is Young Master Jun really your benefactor who saved your life?" A little girl who had two buns tied on her head asked as she lay plopped close to the ground outside Jun Wu Xie's courtyard asked, her head tilted towards Zi Jin who was standing right behind her.

    Zi Jin's face creased up into a frown and said: "Who told you he is my benefactor? !"

    The little girl blinked her eyes blankly. "Wasn't it Young Master Jun who saved you from the clutches of those bad guys from the Twelve Palaces?"

    The expression on Zi Jin's face stiffened, suddenly at a loss for a moment and her speech unconsciously became quicker. "That is a different thing altogether! She had saved me, that's right. But..... she is not my benefactor." When she recalled the part where she had been drugged, Zi Jin's face immediately burned up fiercely.

    The little girl did not really understand it and she suddenly got rapped on the head by Zi Jin.

    A disciple delivering the lunchbox laughed as she passed, to walk into the courtyard. On the other end, there were several other disciples from the Spirit Jade Palace peering into the place as well.

    The disciple put the lunchbox before the door and was about to knock when she heard sounds coming out from inside the room.

    "If you continue to jabber such nonsense here, would you believe that I can make you find yourself unable to get out of bed for the next three days?"

    A voice that only a young male could have, loud and clear while tinged with a trace of youthful exuberance. Those words that led one's thoughts to run wild immediately caused the disciple to freeze up before the door.

    Zi Jin only saw the disciple delivering the lunchbox put the box down in front of the door and then suddenly zooming her way out of there, which puzzled her for a moment.

    That disciple had been one of the old women in the Spirit Jade Palace and had gone out from the palace more often than she did. Hence, she knew and understood a whole lot more of the outside world or she wouldn't have been tasked with delivering the food. But.....

    [What just happened here? Why had she shot out from the house like an arrow?]

    Before Zi Jin could snap out of her thoughts, the door into Jun Wu Xie's room was pulled open. And to Zi Jin's utter surprise, it was not Jun Wu Xie who opened that door, but a man dressed fully in red who looked highly sinister with devilishly good looks!
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