Chapter 1496: “Fragrance of Women (3)”

    Chapter 1496: "Fragrance of Women (3)"

    Before Zi Jin could snap out of her thoughts, the door into Jun Wu Xie's room was pulled open. And to Zi Jin's utter surprise, it was not Jun Wu Xie who opened that door, but a man dressed fully in red who looked highly sinister with devilishly good looks!

    At that moment, all the female disciples peeping in from outside were immediately stunned.

    [The profile of that highly alluring man had been so handsome!]


    [That was not the same little youth who had just moved in! !]

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had not even been able to enjoy his peace for a few days when he suddenly had a gaggle of girls sobbing and weeping in fight gathered before him, complain with tearful faces that Jun Wu Xie had a "kept man" in the house, that it wasn't just one male person living in there.

    The figure of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord immediately turned into an arc of light, disappearing right before the eyes of the group of disciples, to arrive at Jun Wu Xie's courtyard at an extremely high speed.

    Lotus blooms permeated the pond within the courtyard. The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had just stepped into the courtyard and he immediately detected the faint fragrance of lotus. The scent was not coming from the pond and it made one feeling incredibly relaxed and comfortable to smell it. And under that fragrance of lotus, he detected another faint scent, the aroma of wine.

    He had not asked anyone to bring Jun Wu Xie any wine.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's steps brought him closer to the door and standing before the tightly shut door panel, his brows creased up slightly. He raised his hand but was unwilling to touch the door and he finally used the force from a palm strike to push the door open.

    All of a sudden, everything within the room fell into the eyes of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

    The delicate looking youth was seated at the table and fiddling with a Snow Lotus placed within a basin while a white robed highly good looking youth was kicking a red robed handsome looking man from atop the man back's as the youth took long pulls from the wine gourd in his hand.

    That scene.....

    A chill glint immediately flashed within the eyes of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. But before he could throw a fit, a pink coloured burst of spirit energy exploded suddenly from his spirit ring upon his finger!

    "Little Lotus Flower!" A figure in all pink suddenly pounced towards Drunk Lotus who was brutally beating Poppy up.

    Drunk Lotus had not even had time to recover to his senses when he found himself pushed right onto the floor.

    The loud crash completely interrupted Jun Wu Xie's cultivation. She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing that met her eyes was the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face that was so good looking it looked a little gloomy. Jun Wu Xie then followed the Palace Lord's gaze to see and she discovered.....

    With a muscular and brawny body, his masculine face good looking, a man was currently lying upon Drunk Lotus' body, his face creased up in smiles. And what shocked Jun Wu Xie the most, was that the man whose body was brawnier and more muscular than Long Qi and his men, was wearing a bright pink frock.....

    Even for Jun Wu Xie who had a weakness towards the colour pink, had at that moment suddenly found her mind filled, with the words, "King Kong Barbie"!

    "You wretch! Let go of me! Damn it!" Drunk Lotus was wrapped in the arms of "King Kong Barbie" and he had almost been knocked unconscious from the force he had been hit with.

    "Little Lotus Flower. I haven't seen you for such a long time. How can you be so cold and heartless to little old me? You obviously haven't missed little me at all." The voice that was bassy like the low boom of a cannon and that intoxication "little old me" immediately turned the little black cat at the side into stone, its views of life and the world completely shattered.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze was chillingly cold, her head turning slowly to look at the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace.


    "My Ring Spirit." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's voice was a very faint whisper, barely a breath, like it had been a scream squeezed out from the very innest depths of his soul, that had been worn down bit by bit.

    "Plum blossom?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly detected the scent of plum blossoms pervading the air in the room.

    "Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said with his head lowered, his hands holding his forehead, covering the expression upon his face at that moment.

    Jun Wu Xie had never once thought that the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace would actually turn out to possess a plant type ring spirit as well! No wonder he believed her words so easily when she said she was being persecuted by the Twelve Palaces for possessing a plant type ring spirit.
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