Chapter 1497: “Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom (1)”

    Chapter 1497: "Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie had never once thought that the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace would actually turn out to possess a plant type ring spirit as well! No wonder he believed her words so easily when she said she was being persecuted by the Twelve Palaces for possessing a plant type ring spirit.

    The Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom's body type was very much like that of a military soldier, his countenance stalwart and good looking. But that bright pink dress on him..... was really a little hard for people to accept.

    "If you still do not get up, I am not gonna remain cordial anymore! !" Drunk Lotus spat out through gritted teeth.

    The Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom didn't take that threatening tone to heart and he instead had to contort his handsome looking face to look highly aggrieved and hurt to say: "Little Lotus flower, why are you saying such hurtful things to little old me?"

    That voice still had not changed in the slightest, it was just as forceful and booming, like a low roar from a soldier.

    Poppy had long been squeezed out of the way and he sat upon the ground, his body leaning back in a reclining position, one hand braced upon the floor in support as he watched the expression on Drunk Lotus' face that looked like he was going mad. Poppy could not hold himself back and burst out laughing.

    "You are just sitting there to watch the show!" Drunk Lotus wished he could just tear these two pieces of scum to shreds.

    Poppy put on a face of feigned regret as he shook his head helplessly and tilted his head to look at Drunk Lotus' look of utter frustration on his face. "It's not that I do not want to help you, but you know Tenacious Snow's strength....."

    Drunk Lotus clenched his jaw tight and his body suddenly turned into a white glowing light.

    The Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom felt the person in his embrace suddenly become smaller and by the time the light faded, within Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom's arms, there was only Little Lotus wearing a baby's bib with a look of bewilderment upon his face.

    The expression on Tenacious Snow's face immediately froze up.

    "Big Brother Tenacious Snow!" The moment Little Lotus saw Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom, he immediately stretched his hands out to hug the arm that was thicker than his torso, acting all cute and adorable, squealing in delight like he had just been reunited with a family member he had not seen for a long time.

    "Why had Big Brother Tenacious Snow come here as well?" Little Lotus was completely oblivious to the fact that the situation did not feel right and he only blinked his eyes as he stared at Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom.

    Poppy at side could not hold himself back from laughing out loud.

    Little Lotus titled his head and looked at the strange getup that Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom was dressed in.

    "Big Brother Tenacious Snow, you are....." Little Lotus' eyes were filled with a kind of nervousness and unease.

    The corners of Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom then twitched.

    A 'bam' sounded and a puff of misty smoke shrouded over Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom's body, blocking everybody's view. When the smoke completely dissipated, everyone was staring in stunned silence.

    The "King Kong Barbie" who had gone against everyone's perception of the world had disappeared without leaving a trace. Currently, the one kneeling with one knee upon the ground and carrying Little Lotus was a man dressed in silver coloured armour, tall and extremely handsome looking, imposing and highly magnificent like a god of war!

    "I'm fine. Little one, I've not seen you for a long time." Upon that handsome and imposing face, there was a deep reliable smile, his voice that was rather deep sounding like it had boomed down from the Heavens.

    "Big Brother Tenacious Snow, I've missed you so much." Little Lotus said, immediately breaking into a wide smile as he looked stared at the stalwart and towering man before his eyes.


    Upon Jun Wu Xie's face, there was no longer any kind of expression upon her face anymore.

    [This Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom..... Could transform himself in such a manner as well?]

    The one that was more surprised than Jun Wu Xie was the Spirit Jade Palace Lord himself. He stared in flabbergasted shock at his own Ring Spirit, looking like he thought that towering and imposing figure in front of him did not have the slightest relationship to him at all.

    "Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord demeanor seemed queer and when he saw the current state Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom was in, he felt a little.....

    "That's right my Master. " Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom stood up and put Little Lotus on his shoulder to sit down. Seeing him with that steady and highly matured appearance,it was really hard to link him to that "King Kong Barbie" that had crushed people perspective of things in this world.

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace stared at Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom for a long while, when suddenly, the Palace Lord lowered his head and he then put his hands to his temples to support his head as he closed his eyes.

    "Let me cool myself down a moment."
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