Chapter 1498: “Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom (2)”

    Chapter 1498: "Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom (2)"

    The little black cat felt like..... It really needed to calm itself down a little bit.

    After a strange and awkward silence suddenly fell in a shroud over the entire room, Poppy who was seated upon the floor could not help but let out a low chuckle. He curled up a leg and rested it on his other knee, to gaze languidly at the two human Ring Spirit bearers who were looking highly stupefied by Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom.

    "I would like to ask the two of you to not pay him any mind. Tenacious Snow's personality has always been like this." Poppy felt that if he did not try to explain the current situation a little, he might get himself "fixed" by Jun Wu Xie after this.

    "Have a seat first before we talk." Jun Wu Xie cleared her throat. The Spirit Jade Palace Lord walked over morosely, his hands still holding his forehead.

    Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom carried Little Lotus and stood at the side. Little Lotus was looking extremely happy, an exact opposite reaction to the time when he saw Poppy. Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom gave in to Little Lotus a lot, highly deferent to the child, but Jun Wu Xie somehow thought that she could see a slight trace of helplessness and..... aggrievement in his eyes?

    "Tenacious Snow is just like us, we're all from the Spirit World, and he has always been like this. What you saw just now is his core personality and the appearance you are seeing right now is the forced facade he puts forth to deal with Little Lotus." Poppy said with a low chuckle.

    Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom had been born with a split personality. Little Lotus was bashful, Drunk Lotus temperamental. And Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom just could not help but like the haughty holier than thou arrogance of Drunk Lotus, always seeking to get close to him but was always snubbed with utter disdain by Drunk Lotus, which had always led Drunk Lotus to want to fight him to the bitter end or he would not let the matter rest.

    But despite the brutal beatings, fighting everyday was not going to resolve anything for them. Hence, when not intoxicated, Drunk Lotus who would then turn into Little Lotus, became someone whom Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom's highly childish personality was completely helpless against, not knowing how to deal with such a small innocent child. But, as he still wanted to remain close to Drunk Lotus at the same time, he then took on the role of a guardian protector when Little Lotus was bullied by anyone, shielding Little Lotus from the rain and wind, seeking to let Drunk Lotus see the good he had in him.


    Drunk Lotus continued to despise him into the muck. But it was Little Lotus, the communal punching bag, who instead who steadfastly branded Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom's image as a highly righteous guardian protector deep in his heart, rendering Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom completely helpless and left with no choice but to continue to put on this facade of a guardian protector whenever Little Lotus appeared.

    The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had his head hung low all this time, not uttering a single word, looking like he had been dealt a rather heavy blow. After remaining completely silent for so long, he suddenly raised his head and looked at towering Tenacious Snow who had been completely subdued by the tiny Little Lotus.

    "Since you can become like this, why did you put me through all that before?"

    Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom said with a highly stalwart and serious expression: "When the little one is not around, there is no need for me to hide my true self."

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord heaved a long..... long sigh.

    Jun Wu Xie saw the Palace Lord in such a state and suddenly felt somewhat sorry. In an attempt to console him, she poured him a cup of water. But the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was overcome with emotions in his heart and did not really cognitively realize it.

    After the cup of water had gone down his throat, his entire body suddenly froze.

    He stared very hard at the cup he held in his hand and then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie seated just on the side. The hand holding the cup suddenly began to tremble and he immediately shot to his feet, very quickly walking himself out from Jun Wu Xie's room without a single word.

    "What happened to your Master? He just drank some water and then he suddenly looked like he had seen a ghost." Poppy asked nastily. He had always thought that there was something not quite right about the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

    Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom was not coy at all when he spoke, going on to say: "Back when I linked up with his spirit, his mind had been much weaker then. So he got himself very highly affected and would be influenced by the emotions I felt. At the times when I was unable to control my emotions and feelings, he would then do some things. You should very well know what I am talking about."

    Poppy was suddenly taken aback and then his face broke into a smile.

    "You wouldn't really have..... Hahahaha....."

    Jun Wu Xie was mystified by Poppy's laugh, not understanding anything. After a long while and Poppy had had enough of laughing, he then explained to Jun Wu Xie the kind of things that Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom would do.
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