Chapter 1500: “Battle of Deities Grand Meet (1)”

    Chapter 1500: "Battle of Deities Grand Meet (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie's days in the Spirit Jade Palace were leisurely and easy. After the fracus the last time, it was not known how the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had explained it to the "frightened" girls, but the disciples were all suddenly able to accept the fact that the sinisterly handsome looking man and the haughty and arrogant youth appeared within Jun Wu Xie's room on a regular rather basis.

    And with that acceptance, the disciples who came to deliver food to Jun Wu Xie's room daily began to change. After they brought the food in, they did not immediately run away bashfully, but would instead hold the lunchbox, and wait till the door was opened, before they would hand over the things with their faces turned red. The person receiving the lunchbox, was never Jun Wu Xie. It was sometimes Poppy, or at times Drunk Lotus, or on some occasions, it was the tiny little adorable one.

    Three meals, three times a day, it was always a different girl who brought the food.....

    Granny Yue stood outside Jun Wu Xie's courtyard often, to look at the bashful girls who tottered off with tiny steps and their hands covered over their faces in embarrassment where she would then heave a long sigh.

    "My Lord, are those two inside Young Master Jun's room the same as that one my Lord possesses?" Granny Yue asked earnestly when she came to the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's room.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was lying on his side upon the soft couch with a hand propping up his head and flipping through an ancient book with the other. Hearing Granny Yue's query, he did not even bat an eyelid and just acknowledged with a grunt in a highly lazy fashion.

    "Do we need to inform the others in the palace about this?" Granny Yue asked rather worriedly.

    "No need." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord answered lazily.

    Granny Yue looked at her Lord who gave highly leisurely replies, her heart filled with worries that she could not put in words. After having seen those young little lasses with their eyes filled with so much adoration, she could not help but be worried about it.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord saw that Granny Yue still had not left and he then put down the book and sat himself up.

    "It's only two more days to the commencement of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet. He will not remain here for much longer so there's no need to trouble yourself." The plant type Ring Spirits to their possessors, were both a blessing and a curse. Even for Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom that he had, the only people who knew about him were only those few most trusted aides that had followed closely at his side for the longest of time, with the other disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace knowing nothing about it.

    Hence, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord did not intend to have Jun Wu Xie's Ring Spirit type to be revealed.

    "Yes, my Lord." Granny Yue nodded. It wasn't that she was displeased with Jun Wu Xie. On the contrary, she liked that quiet and steady youth a whole lot. Jun Wu Xie made her feel very much at ease as he was not like other youths who were brash and rude. Jun Wu Xie had agreed not to wander around as he liked in the beginning and ever since he had moved into that courtyard, he had not taken a single step out from it, not even coming out often to walk around within his own yard.

    The two days passed in a blink. One day before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet began, Jun Wu Xie packed up all her things and prepared to move out from the Spirit Jade Palace.

    Before she left, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord personally saw her out to the Outer Palace.

    When he saw Jun Wu Xie, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's eyes flashed briefly with surprise.

    "I've troubled you these past few days." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord, and nodded politely at him.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's gaze paused upon Jun Wu Xie for a moment and he gave a light laugh after that, as he folded his arms across his chest. With his head slightly tilted and the corner of his lips curled up in a lazy smile, he said: "No need to thank me. I've merely conveniently provided you with a temporary abode. But on the other hand, you've not squandered away the time you spent here."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, and she turned around to leave.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord then seemed to have suddenly thought of something and he quickly said: "The people of the Lower Realm, could all of them possibly be just like you, so extraordinarily gifted?"

    Jun Wu Xie's steps paused slightly but she did not say anything as she continued on her way out.

    Within the main hall, Zi Jin hid herself behind a pillar as she stared at the back getting further away from her.
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