Chapter 1502: “Battle of Deities Grand Meet (3)”

    Chapter 1502: "Battle of Deities Grand Meet (3)"

    "It's him as I thought." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    "What?" Ye Sha was confused.

    "Nothing." Jun Wu Xie shook her head a little, as the eyes of the little black cat at the side glinted with a bright light.

    [Mistress, what you meant to say is that Brother Hua completely fits the description of being "sinister looking" in your eyes! You will lose a trusted comrade like that! What are you thinking! ?]

    "Brother Hua fought with someone?" Jun Wu Xie recalled what she just heard earlier.

    Hua Yao was always calm and composed and could be said to have an extremely rational temperament. If she was told that he would get himself immersed into unnecessary conflict to the extent of getting into a fight before their objectives were achieved, Jun Wu Xie was not inclined to believe it entirely. If it had been Qiao Chu they were talking about, then that would become most natural and to be expected.

    "Yes." Ye Sha nodded.

    "With who?"

    "Young Master Qiao."

    "....." The expression on Jun Wu Xie's face froze for a brief moment.

    [Alright, that might just be understandable.]

    "Through this period, were there any strange occurrences on Mount Fu Yao?" Jun Wu Xie asked as a matter of routine.

    Ye Sha indicated that everything was normal. People from the Twelve Palaces have arrived and every palace sent at least one Elder to hold the fort. From the look of things, they have some planned some big things here.

    "The people from the Nine Temples are here as well, but they have been highly secretive with their actions and your subordinate did not continue after following them for a period, afraid that I might alert the enemy."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Tomorrow would be when the show would begin and now, all the major powers from the different sides have congregated together in this place.

    After playing with Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit for a while, Jun Wu Xie then continued with her cultivation. Ye Sha and Ye Gu retreated from the room on their own accord and stayed hidden within the shadows to guard Jun Wu Xie, ensuring her safety.

    After leaving Jun Wu Xie's room, the expression on Ye Gu's face was still a little strange.

    "What is wrong with you?" Ye Sha asked as he looked at Ye Gu's perplexed expression.

    Ye Gu's face creased up tightly in a frown. After remaining silent for a while, he suddenly raised his head up and looked at Ye Sha with an exasperated look in his eyes.

    "Did you not notice it?"

    "Notice what?"

    Young Miss' spirit powers seemed to have..... already reached the peak of the Purple Spirit's fourth stage." Ye Gu said.

    Ye Sha was startled. His powers had been diminished by some extent due to certain exceptional circumstances and he was not in his peak condition, hence his senses were not sensitive towards the level of Jun Wu Xie's spirit power, which he also did not pay much attention to.

    But if his memory served him correctly, before Jun Wu Xie went inside the Spirit Jade Palace, her spirit powers had only been at the initial levels of the Purple Spirit's fourth stage. To reach the peak, there was still a long way more to go.

    As one's powers increased, the higher the levels of one's spirit powers went, the more difficult it was to breakthrough the boundary limits to reach the next level, as the amount of spirit energy required would be increased by folds. Based on a person's normal speed, for Jun Wu Xie to go from the Purple Spirit fourth stage to reach its peaks that challenged the fifth stage, it would at least need more than a year's time.

    But it had been merely half a month and she was already able to feel the threshold of the Purple Spirit's fifth stage. That kind of a speed was truly astonishing!

    "How could it be so fast?" Ye Sha could not help but be shocked.

    Ye Gu then said: "I had thought it rather strange. What happened in the time that the Young Miss was at the Spirit Jade Palace? Even after attaining the Purple Spirit's fourth stage and she is still able to achieve such a terrifying speed in the increase of her powers, I can't help but feel something is strange."

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu still were not able to come up with any explanations for it even after contemplating a very long time. And things that Jun Wu Xie did not talk about, they would never probe, hence they could only keep that question unanswered and hide it within their hearts.

    But they strongly believed. With Jun Wu Xie's current powers, when the Battle of Deities Grand Meet commences tomorrow, their Young Miss would surely be able to suppress the hordes, and take them all down in a flash!

    Seated with the room, Jun Wu Xie was not aware that the two members of the Night Regime guarding her from the shadows, were currently overflowing with excited anticipation as they awaited the arrival of tomorrow.
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