Chapter 1503: “Battle of Deities Grand Meet (4)”

    Chapter 1503: "Battle of Deities Grand Meet (4)"

    Early the next morning, the summit of Mount Fu Yao erupted into a boil.

    The Battle of Deities began in earnest. The crowd surged like a huge tide that swept into the venue where the Battle of Deities Grand Meet was to be held!

    The entire Battle of Deities Grand Meet was divided up into four categories, spirit power, Ring Spirits, medical proficiency, and innate gift.

    The competition for spirit power was highly simple to comprehend. Without the assistance of their Ring Spirits, two contestants would battle where the victor advances and the defeated is eliminated, the outcome to determined in just one round per battle.

    It was the same for Ring Spirits, but just not based on the skills and power of the human candidates themselves. It was based singularly on their Ring Spirits and throughout the entire duration of the competition, the owners of the Ring Spirits were not allowed to partake in the battle in any manner, leaving the fighting to be only carried out by the Ring Spirit itself.

    As for the medical proficiency and innate gift categories, they were much more peaceful in the way they competed.

    In the minor category of medical proficiency, it was further split into two types, into medicine and poison.

    Healers are judged based on medical skills and medicine concoctions and cultivation, the superior one wins.

    Poison users are judged based on the lethality and how violent its effects were, the more vicious one advances.

    Then came the last category. Innate gift.

    It was the most interesting competition among all the categories. They did not compete based on a specific ability, but was a comparison of the unique abilities the participants possessed.

    This was the place that saw most of its participants coming from tribes and places with exceptional and unique abilities. It was hard to predict who would win or lose as it was based entirely on the judges' decision.

    The four categories of competition were situated at four different places upon the summit of Mount Fu Yao. People who took part in different competitions had to make their way towards different venues, which greatly divided up the densely packed crowd of people.

    The two most popular competition grounds were the places set up for spirit power and Ring Spirits. The people going towards the venues for medical proficiency and innate gift was quite a bit lesser.

    When Jun Wu Xie came walking out from the inn, the youths on the streets had already gone running in different directions, heading straight towards their targeted destinations.

    And Jun Wu Xie paused a moment just outside the doors of the inn before she raised her foot to step out towards a northern direction.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu who were following behind her were immediately stunned.

    [Young Miss! Where are you going! ? That is not the direction towards the competition venue for spirit power! !]

    Jun Wu Xie walked out towards the competition venue situated in the north, which was also the place that had the least number of participants.

    Although there were many different tribes and races with unique abilities throughout the Middle Realm, like people from the Spirit Soul Race and the Bone Shifters Tribe, who possessed abilities exclusive only to their people. But the number of people from these tribes or races were few and rare, with those of a suitable age to participate further dwindling down their numbers. Although there was still a substantial number of participants there, when compared to the other competition venues, it was obvious that they were much lesser in numbers.

    Jun Wu Xie did not go towards the venue where the competition for spirit power was being held, and did not make her way towards the venue for medical proficiency. She had instead made her way towards the competition grounds that determined one's innate gift. That decision, had really caused Ye Sha and Ye Gu to be utterly surprised.

    [What is the Young Miss up to?]

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu could not understand what Jun Wu Xie was thinking. Judging by Jun Wu Xie's current level of spirit power, if she went to the spirit power competition, she would definitely win with her hands down. And even if she chose to not go for spirit power, going to the competition for medical proficiency would also give her an overwhelming victory.

    Even if that was still not preferred, letting the little black cat transform itself to participate in the Ring Spirit competition would not give her much pressure as well.


    Why had Jun Wu Xie adamantly chosen the competition grounds most unsuitable for her against all odds?

    From what Ye Sha and Ye Gu could see, Jun Wu Xie had given up on all the easy avenues that were all available right before her, and chosen to tread upon the path most unsuited for her to walk upon.

    However, Jun Wu Xie did not feel that her decision was that hard to understand at all. She merely quietly followed the flow of people and made her way towards the competition grounds for innate gift.

    Outside the competition venue for innate gift, a long snaking queue had formed where its end could not even be seen. There were eight entrances that continuously handed out number tags for the participants' admittance. The people flowed forward quickly but as they was such a large crowd of people that though speedy, it did not seem like they were moving fast at all.
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