Chapter 1504: “Innate Gift Competition (1)”

    Chapter 1504: "Innate Gift Competition (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie waited patiently, she was in no hurry. By the time she went into the Innate Gift competition venue, all the stages numbering in several of tens were already filled with heated with a flurry of activity, the competition going on in full swing.

    In everyone's hand, the number tags they held had colours corresponding to the respective stages they were allocated to and all they had to do was to sit down by the side and wait for their turn to step up onto the stage.

    The venue that the Innate Gift competition was held at comprised of an extremely wide and immense area. The entire premises was divided into two levels and all the participants were squeezed into the first level. Besides the blocks of empty spaces that people stood upon and waited, the rest of the space were taken up by the different competition stages themselves.

    At the edges of the second level, there was a portion when a row of private rooms stood. When one looked up from the first level, the person would not be able to see anything. But what was clear to everyone was that within those private rooms, must be the people from the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Palaces. They would surely be watching the entire competition, observing from a hidden location.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze around the place and did not manage to see anyone from the Twelve Palaces or Nine Palaces, her ears filled with the screams and cheers from the highly exuberant and excited youths.

    The thing that was different here from the other competition stages was that the stages were provided for only one person to use at a time. There was no need to pit one person against another directly as the participants only needed to display one's own abilities and that was all.

    Candidates with superior gifts were allowed to stay and those considered ordinary were eliminated.

    Jun Wu Xie stood within the shadows, observing the youths upon the various stages. That became the first time Jun Wu Xie realized that there were so many strange and odd tribes and people from different races throughout the Middle Realm.

    Upon one of the stages, Jun Wu Xie saw a tall and lanky youth. He was dressed in coarse and highly simple clothes, his shoulders and legs exposed. His four limbs could twist and contort at highly strange angles, and were even able to extend or shorten their lengths at will.

    Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow at the sight. That was not the first time that Jun Wu Xie had seen something similar. If her guess was correct, that person should be from the same tribe that Hua Yao was from, the Bone Shifters Tribe!

    The Middle Realm had quite a significant number of tribes and races of people with unique abilities. People like them had a great advantage over others, where even if they did not possess strong spirit powers or if they did not have strong ring spirits, they could still win the favour of the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples with their exceptional abilities.


    The youth standing upon the stage obviously did not have the kind of delicate control over his bones that Hua Yao was capable of. He was only able to change the size of his bones but was unable to change its shape and form, and hence was not able to change his facial appearance in the slightest, only showing his abilities to transform his four limbs.

    Not long after that, that youth was rejected and he stepped forlornly off the stage.

    It seemed that no everyone within a certain tribe possessed abilities of the same level. Jun Wu Xie was thinking about that in her mind as her eyes turned to look upon the other stages.

    "Roar! ! !" Upon another stage, a rather stout and muscular youth was carrying a huge rock with his arms. He gave a loud roar as he lifted it up, using his bare hands to crush the hard rock into bits.

    That huge rock, in his hands was like a piece of tofu that could not withstand the slightest force struck upon it.

    "Whoa, it's rare that people from the Great Ape Tribe would come here to participate in the Innate Gift competition." Several youths who were waiting at the side were laughing happily as they stared at the muscular youth before them, beginning to chatter away.

    "Shouldn't people from the Great Ape Tribe go to the Ring Spirit competition to show off their strong and mighty Great Ape Ring Spirits? Why would he want to butt in here to compete? Are we comparing strength here?" Another youth sneered with a laugh.

    This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie was hearing about the Great Ape Tribe. From the conversation between the two youths, she could roughly guess at the characteristics of people from the Great Ape Tribe.

    All the people from the Great Ape Tribe had Great Apes as their Ring Spirits. And due to the Ring Spirits they possessed, their own bodies were imbued with the strength of the Great Ape. Even when they did not summon their Ring Spirits, their physical strength would already be much stronger than the average human.
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