Chapter 1505: “Innate Gift Competition (2)”

    Chapter 1505: "Innate Gift Competition (2)"

    Besides possessing monstrous strength, the Great Ape Tribe did not have other unique abilities. Hence, they were not that popular among the other tribes in the Middle Realm and they were one of the types more commonly seen.

    Without any reason, when Jun Wu Xie heard about the unique characteristics of the Great Ape Tribe, she immediately thought of Fei Yan.

    Although Fei Yan's body was slenderly tall and proportionate, not towering and brawny like this youth from the Great Ape Tribe, his strength among the several companions was the greatest, where it was seen on many occasions that his strength had gone beyond the limits of what an average person could possibly possess.


    Fei Yan's Ring Spirit, had coincidentally also been a Great Ape.

    Jun Wu Xie rubbed her chin. She had not heard that Fei Yan was from a unique race but as people from the Great Ape Tribe were not exactly seen to be very smart, it wasn't that strange that it would not be mentioned.

    The two youths were still chattering away there but the youth from the Great Ape Tribe that they had not thought much of actually advanced to the next stage and did not get eliminated.

    The Great Ape Tribe when compared to the Bone Shifters Tribe saw an enormous difference between races as people from the Great Ape Tribe were exceptional only for their strength. But the weaker ones among powerful races would still not be comparable to the more powerful ones in smaller and weaker races.

    Besides the Great Ape Tribe and Bone Shifters Tribe, Jun Wu Xie discovered many other youths from other interesting races within the premises. And it was all due to those two chatterboxes there, Jun Wu Xie soon learned about the origins and special characteristics of the various races.

    Those with skin of an abnormal grey shade were from the Witch Doctors Tribe. The mannerisms and appearance of people from the Witch Doctor Tribe were usually weak and frail looking with dark eyes bags under their eyes all year round. They did not possess immeasurable strength, and were also unable to transform their bodies.

    But they possessed a unique ability that sent chills running through people.


    People from the Witch Doctors Tribe are able to use the spirit power within themselves and transform it into something that gave it wicked effects. They were able to reinforce many negative effects onto their opponents.

    Frailty, Weakness,Plague, Despair.....

    The Witch Doctor was like a container of negative effects, where they were able to merely just point their bony thin finger at opponents who were against them, and send them spiralling down to Hell.

    Throughout the Middle Realm, people were the least willing to cross a Witch Doctor. Because of how eerie and terrifying they were, their highly unpredictable temperament and unworldly views of the world.

    And that youth from the Witch Doctor Tribe was very quickly passed and he advanced to the next stage.

    Jun Wu Xie discovered that many of the participants here were youths who possessed unique powers and traits from the different races. There were also some with other kinds of abilities like Ring Forgers and others from some other strange occupations.

    The stronger their abilities, the youths would then advance more easily. But for those whose abilities were weak, even if they were from a specific race, they would still be eliminated from the competition.

    The Three Eyed Tribe who possessed the ability to see through one's spirit power, the light slender bodied and fleet footed Wind Riders race.....

    Jun Wu Xie quietly watched on from the side, never missing noticing a single race that she was not familiar with. Afterall among the Twelve Palaces, the people who could most possibly become a hindrance to her, would be these who possessed unique abilities from their respective races and those with great power.

    The amount of time allocated to each contestant upon the stages was very limited, two minutes at most before the judgement would be made whether they would advance or be eliminated.

    Hence, even if there was a immense flow of people in there, the fast speed that youths were being eliminated was also like water flowing out. Those contestants who successfully advanced were given a new number for the next round and they would just have to wait till the next day for the next round's contest to begin.

    There were some who went away delighted and some hopelessly dejected. The rule that victors called the shots and it was survivor of the fittest, was seen at this place to be the rules that the Middle Realm lived by, the law of the jungle.
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