Chapter 1506: “Innate Gift Competition (3)”

    Chapter 1506: "Innate Gift Competition (3)"

    In a private room on the second level of the Innate Gift competition premises, several men with cold gazes stared at the numerous youths standing upon the various stages trying their best as sweat covered their faces. The youths were giving it their best with longing gazes but in the eyes of the men, it was like they were watching a comedy show.

    "How dull this is turning out to be. I've long been tired of seeing all these things here in this Innate Gift competition. They're all just a bunch of common husks and stale grains. Can't they come up with anything new?" One of the men said with his lips stiffened, unable to make himself continue to watch these youths making use of their race's unique abilities to put on such a show.

    In the Middle Realm, they had seen no lack of examples from others of their races who were much stronger.

    "If not for the fact that the Elder ordered us to come here, I would have been much more willing to go to the spirit power or Ring Spirit competition to watch the glorious battles where blood ran and flesh flew. That would have been much more interesting than this, which is just making me want to fall asleep." Another man was seated on the side looking highly bored, not even willing to give the situation down below a single glance.

    Within the Twelve Palaces, were gathered a great number of all kinds of powerful pugilists. The most elite talents from all the different races have been enlisted into  the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples. These people have undergone many trials and had honed their skills further to become even more outstanding. Compared to these youthful greenhorns here, those people were of a completely different level.

    "Be satisfied that you have at least not been sent to the Medical Proficiency competition. Would you rather watch these bunch of morons putting on a monkey show here or would you rather go to the Medical Proficiency competition to see people fiddling around with herbs?" The man standing beside the window was the only one among them who was still watching the competition calmly.

    "You can't really put it in that way. In the Medical Proficiency competition, you would at least get to see those vicious poisons! I was sent to the Medical Proficiency competition venue the last time and it was rather interesting. There was even an idiot then who had been so keen to show just how violent his poison was that he used his own body to show the poison's effects. It ended up that he forgot to bring the antidote and he died a horrible death on the spot. Hahaha! That was really so funny! You cannot begin to imagine how badly that kid had howled in absolute despair at that time."

    Laughter without the slightest ounce of sympathy rang out within the private room and the two other men did not seem to think that there was anything wrong, but the corners of their mouths then curled up with a faint shadow of a smile, seeming to think that what their companion had said had been rather funny.

    "That's enough kidding around. The two of you should come over and take a look or two at them. The Elder had specifically told all of us that we must act upon the superior candidates before the other palaces does to rope them into the Palace of Flame Demons as soon as we can." The man standing by the window said, the expression on his face becoming rather stern.

    The other two men immediately did not dare to continue fooling around.

    "We know. We lost two of our Elders down there in the Lower Realm and the Palace Lord is furious with rage. No matter how unwilling we are to remain here, we cannot defy the wishes of the Lord."

    It was then known that the three men within that private room were all from the Palace of Flame Demons.

    The might of the Palace of Flame Demons had at one point reached a stage that they had almost surpassed all the other eleven palaces till some time ago, when they had been searching for the Dark Emperor's tomb, they suddenly lost Elder Hui, which had greatly infuriated the Palace Lord.

    All the Twelve Palaces had a great number of members but the number of Elders they had were not that numerous. Every Elder from their respective palaces were the elites among their elite and they made up for the palace's main fighting strength against the others. Having one of their Elders suddenly gone missing in the Lower Realm, the Palace Lord had in his rage then immediately sent out another one the Elders to completely take over the Lower Realm.

    In the end, he had lost his life there in the Lower Realm.

    The loss of two Elders in quick succession had hurt the Palace of Flame Demons' standing by quite a bit and hence, the people from the Palace of Flame Demons had come to Mount Fu Yao with a mission on their hands.
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