Chapter 1507: “Innate Gift Competition (4)”

    Chapter 1507: "Innate Gift Competition (4)"

    The loss of two Elders in quick succession had hurt the Palace of Flame Demons' standing by quite a bit and hence, the people from the Palace of Flame Demons had come to Mount Fu Yao with a mission on their hands.

    Although their patience had been stretched thin, the three people still endured it and continued to watch on. The situation with the people from the other palaces were not much different. The contests at the Innate Gift competition had always not been their favourite thing to watch.

    After having waited for quite a long while, Jun Wu Xie finally heard her number being called, and she slowly walked out from among the crowd.

    The person standing before the stage checked Jun Wu Xie's number tag and ascertained that she was within the age limit set before she allowed her to walk up onto the stage.

    The youths still waiting for their turn to step onto the stage then lifted up their heads one by one, to look at the thin and frail looking youth standing up there.

    "Only so young? He doesn't look like he's from the Witch Doctor Tribe as well." Someone started complaining from the side. Most of the youths who were still too young, would usually still not have a good grasp of their race's unique abilities, hence, the chances that they would be able to advance was usually quite slim.

    The youths who had been of a similar age to Jun Wu Xie before this, had mostly been eliminated due to the lacking display of their abilities. Only a few youths from the Witch Doctor Tribe had been able to advance, regardless of their strength or weakness of their abilities.

    Jun Wu Xie stood upon the stage, in no hurry to do anything but merely summoned the little black cat to make it stand there upon the stage floor.

    Her actions made many of the spectating youths around the stage rather confused and feeling bewildered.

    "Does this little fellow even know what's happening? This is not the Ring Spirit competition so why has he summoned out his Ring Spirit? Is he going to perform a dance?"

    "You must be kidding! With that tiny little cat, even if he went to the Ring Spirit competition, it would immediately be squashed to death in a heartbeat."

    When the group of youths saw Jun Wu Xie's little black cat, a series of mocking laughter immediately broke out. They could see that Jun Wu Xie still looked very young and he did not look like he belonged to any of the unique races. Once upon the stage, he had only summoned his own ring spirit which felt really funny to them.

    The thin little Jun Wu Xie stood upon the large stage with the tiny little black cat, standing out highly conspicuously, to the extent that contestants from the other stages had noticed the situation here on Jun Wu Xie's side. The gaze that everyone was looking at her with, not one among them wasn't filled with curiosity and scorn.

    Everyone was thinking that there must be something wrong with Jun Wu Xie's mind.

    All the undisguised scornful laughter and endless insulting and humiliating words swirled around Jun Wu Xie's ears, but it did not bring about the slightest change to the expression on her face. She just stood there quietly, surrounded by scorn as she slowly bent down to take out the water bag she had prepared earlier and a paintbrush.

    Within the private room, the three men from the Palace of the Flame Demons also came to notice the commotion over there.

    "Ha! What did I see? There's actually an idiot who has summoned his Ring Spirit out here at the Innate Gift competition? Haha! Could that little guy really be so dense that he has turned up at the wrong venue?"

    "I think he's not just dense. He might now even be awake! What's he doing holding a water bag and a paintbrush on the stage? Is he going to make his Ring Spirit show us how it can do calligraphy?"

    The three men could not stop themselves from laughing out loud. They thought nothing of that tiny little kid up on that stage but just as a complete joke that would bring them some laughs.

    On the stage, Jun Wu Xie slowly poured some water out of the bag into its cap, the clear water brimming over slightly. Jun Wu Xie held the paintbrush and dipped it lightly into the water. After that, under an overwhelming amount of ridicule and jeers, she raised her hand and upon the floor of the stage, using the paintbrush dipped in water, she slowly wrote out a cryptic and foreign looking rune.....
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