Chapter 1508: “Open Your Eyes Wide and See (1)”

    Chapter 1508: "Open Your Eyes Wide and See (1)"

    No one was able to understand what Jun Wu Xie had written and they had no idea what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do.

    "If that kid isn't going to do anything he should just get out of here and not stay up there to waste everyone's time."

    The youths below the stage began to jeer and rush at Jun Wu Xie impatiently.

    Under the loud and raucous sounds of jeering, Jun Wu Xie raised up her hand and drew two wet water seals upon the stage floor. The little black cat at the side then slowly walked over to them, its two front paws stepping upon each of the two wet rune marks individually.

    All of a sudden!

    A flaming surge of of fire rose up immediately from around the limbs of the little black cat! The body of the little black cat then actually rose up into the air right before everyone's eyes!

    It paws were stepping upon blazing flames, standing firmly suspended in midair, looking like a glowing beacon that drew every single person's eyes to become fixed upon it.

    "How is that possible! !" Within the private room, the three men from the Palace of Flame Demons suddenly shot out of their chairs. They stared with their eyes widened in disbelief, their gazes fixed upon that little black cat who had its paws stepping upon flames that blazed brightly, suspended up in midair, unable to believe what their eyes were seeing.

    Ring Spirits were spirit bodies themselves and they were not able to transform themselves at will. Moreover, they had never ever seen a ring spirit besides flying types that were able to walk on air, much less stepping on flames!

    At that moment, the three men were flabbergasted. The three men could not think up a single reasonable explanation for the amazing sight that was happening right before their eyes!

    In the other private rooms, the eyes of every single person from the Twelve Palaces were all drawn to the sight of the little black cat. Nobody knew in the slightest how Jun Wu Xie had been able to achieve that.

    In the interior of the competition venue, the youths crowded around the side of the stage had their heads raised up, their eyes filled with shock as they stared at the little black cat moving through the air over their heads with ease, like it was treading upon firm ground instead of empty and formless air.

    Those people who had just earlier been jeering with utterly scornful words and laughing at Jun Wu Xie were at that moment suddenly unable to say a single word.

    To be able to let such a unremarkable Ring Spirit possess such amazing power. Such an ability was completely unheard of, much less having it happen before their very eyes.

    "Wha..... What is that?" Hidden in the shadows to protect Jun Wu Xie, Ye Gu was stunned into a stutter by what he was seeing. He had never seen such a thing where one was able to imbue elemental effects onto a spirit body!

    "Spirit Reinforcement." Ye Sha's voice suddenly rang out.

    "Spirit Reinforcement? What is that supposed to be?" Ye Gu asked in great surprise.

    Ye Sha shook his head. "I do not know either. Spirit Reinforcement came from the Young Miss herself. As to where it is from and what it actually is, only the Young Miss herself knows." Ye Sha said, still faintly remembering how shocked he had been when he saw the effects of Spirit Reinforcement himself.

    Ye Gu's face was filled with shock. He had highly admired Jun Wu Xie all this while and it was also because of Jun Wu Yao's orders that he had been willing to protect Jun Wu Xie's safety from his Lord. But from Ye Gu's perspective, although Jun Wu Xie was highly gifted and intelligent, there was too big a disparity between her powers from Jun Wu Yao's. Most of the time, Jun Wu Yao took the position as an absolute protector to guard Jun Wu Xie and regardless of how fast Jun Wu Xie was able to grow her powers, she was still too far away from the powers Jun Wu Yao possessed.

    But at the moment when he saw Spirit Reinforcement being shown to him, a voice in his heart seemed to be telling him that Jun Wu Xie was a person far more than what he had imagined.

    "When the Young Miss decided to make her way here to the Innate Gift competition venue, she must have had her own ideas on how she was going to deal with it. The few Spirit Reinforcement effects she has shown today are just the simplest ones she has in her arsenal. Looks like our worries were completely unfounded." Ye Sha said, silently sighing out in relief.
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