Chapter 1509: “Open Your Eyes Wide and See (2)”

    Chapter 1509: "Open Your Eyes Wide and See (2)"

    "The simplest ones? You are saying..... Spirit Reinforcement has more than these two types?" Ye Gu's face twisted up in further shock.

    Ye Sha nodded.

    "Just those that I have witnessed before, is already more than a hundred types."

    Ye Gu immediately gasped in surprise.

    Throughout the entire Innate Gift competition venue, the highly noisy and rowdy place suddenly faded away at that moment. More and more people were just coming to notice that little black cat that was suspended in the air with blazing flames below its paws. Even the youths upon the other competition stages had stopped their own performances, to stare wide eyed and with mouths hanging open at the same spot.

    Throughout the premises, a strange silence pervaded.

    After awhile, the flames beneath the little black cat gradually dissipated. It came walking down slowly through the empty air, to land land onto the ground and finally walking to sit beside Jun Wu Xie's feet.

    The deafening silence around Jun Wu Xie was evident and a glint of satisfaction flashed within her eyes.


    Was exactly the effect she wanted to achieve.

    One that would cause the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples to realize they could not afford to not set their eyes on her, could not afford to not yearn for what she possessed, Spirit Reinforcement!

    Within that heavy silence, Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat in her arms, and then turned her head to look at the judge sitting right beyond the edge of the stage.

    "How?" Jun Wu Xie asked softly.

    That cold and clear voice cut through the quiet air within the vast premises of the competition, sounding extraordinarily clear and crisp.

    The judge scrambled to recover from his stunned silence, the shock still evident in his eyes. He opened his mouth but did not know what to say. Before this, whether the participating youths were to advance or to be eliminated, before the presentation ended, someone would have delivered the news to him. But now, after Jun Wu Xie had completed her entire presentation, the judge still had not received any decision on the judgement.

    "Ple..... Please wait a moment." The judge who had been extremely harsh all this while was at that moment even trembling slightly. When faced against the other youths, he had shown utter disdain towards them. To be able to be a judge at the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, most of them were men who possessed significant powers themselves and did not think much of all these young youths who came here for the competition.

    But the appearance of Jun Wu Xie had overturned that perception entirely.

    Even these judges who had seen much of the world had never seen something so wonderfully fantastical like this throughout their entire lives. He immediately understood that the youth standing right before his eyes was different from all the others. Although he did not know from where that ability had popped out from, he was however absolutely certain that this youth would definitely become the most valued prize that the entire Twelve Palaces would maniacally fight tooth and nail to win!

    Within the private room, the three men from the Palace of Flame Demons took a long while before they recovered to their senses. They fell back into their chairs from the aftereffects of shock, their faces contorted from pure incredulity.

    "Sweet Heavens! What did I just see? You can imbue more power onto spirit bodies?" One of the men said as he held his head, awash with amazement. If not for the fact that the reactions of the other two men were the same as him, he might really have thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

    "That kid! By hook or by crook, we're going to win him over to the Palace of Flame Demons!" Another one of the men proclaimed, thumping himself on the chest.

    That utterly amazing ability, had completely overturned what they thought they knew. What that kid possesses in his hands, was something that no one else had ever had!

    "The thing is those fellas from the other palaces have also seen that kid and they are definitely thinking the same thing as we are." With the appearance of such an amazing and completely new phenomenon, it would surely shake up the entire Middle Realm. Those other people from the other palaces were no fools and no one would let that kid fall out of their grasp!

    "Ha! So what if they are thinking the same thing? I would then like to see how they can win out over the Palace of Flame Demons!"

    "I will bring the news of this over to the Elder immediately and you guys keep a tight watch of things over here! If the kid leaves this place, put a tail upon him and get in touch with him as soon as possible, to immediately rope him in!" One of the men said hurriedly, seeming unable to wait a moment longer to rush out through the door!
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