Chapter 1510: “Open Your Eyes Wide and See (3)”

    Chapter 1510: "Open Your Eyes Wide and See (3)"

    After waiting for a while, the judging results were then delivered into the hands of the judge.

    A unanimous decision to advance!

    After receiving her answer, Jun Wu Xie took a new number tag for the next round from the judge and then walked off the stage slowly. When she carried the little black cat and stepped onto the ground of the premises, the youths who had been crowded around the stage seemed to subconsciously open up a path for her, the mouths of the youths had lips all pursed up, their eyes staring fixedly upon the tiny figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    Those youths who had jeered and scorned the loudest at Jun Wu Xie earlier had at that moment scampered to the back of the crowd to hide, not daring to appear before Jun Wu Xie's eyes at all.

    They were not fools. With the kind of ability that Jun Wu Xie possessed, all the Twelve Palaces would be frantically fighting to win her over. And if the kid knew they had been hurling insults at him earlier.....

    Those kids did not even dare to think of what would happen, but could only try their best to reduce their presence there as much as possible, wishing that they could plant their heads into the ground so that Jun Wu Xie would not be able to even see their faces.

    But it was obvious they were thinking too much. Jun Wu Xie did not even turn her gaze to look at anyone. She merely looked straight ahead, her eyes calm as still waters as she calmly walked towards the exit of the premises.

    At the moment that Jun Wu Xie set foot outside the premises' main doors, the inside of the competition venue immediately exploded with a series of screams and cheers.

    "What in the world was that just now?"

    "Where had that kid come from?"

    "Sheesh! I had thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me! Did you all see that?"

    "I'm so finished! It's over for me! I had even scolded him just now! I think he wouldn't have heard it would he?"

    Throughout the entire competition venue, everyone did not have another thought in their mind. The appearance of Spirit Reinforcement had completely changed what everyone had known and acknowledged to be completely.

    [So spirit bodies can also be attributed with such effects? That little kid! How did he do that! ?]

    While countless people were engaged in highly heated discussion, they had not noticed that from within all the private rooms on the second level, with Jun Wu Xie's departure, one or two shadows had fleeted past, speedily following after Jun Wu Xie's steps!

    Jun Wu Xie left from the Innate Gift competition venue, left behind the rowdy and raucous crowd, to calmly walk upon the rather empty street.

    At that moment, most of the youths gathered upon Mount Fu Yao had gone to the various competition venues, to await for fate to descend that would decide their destiny and only some youths who had completed their turns at the competitions would appear in the streets. Their faces were either filled with pride from having advanced, or looking mournful from having been eliminated.

    Several youths who had just finished with the competition were walking gleefully upon the street and just from looking at the smiles upon their faces, it could easily be seen that they had been the more fortunate ones in the Battle of Deities and had been qualified to take part in the next round.

    Jun Wu Xie brushed pass that bunch of youths and the youths glanced disdainfully at the thin and frail looking Jun Wu Xie. When they noticed the little black cat within Jun Wu Xie's arms, the few of them could not help themselves but laugh out loud.

    "Look at that Ring Spirit! Doesn't it look just like the one that got squashed by Ring Spirit up on stage just now?" The delight from having been able to advance had highly boosted the morale of those youths and having just returned from achieving victory from the Ring Spirit competition, their excitement and adrenaline had caused their minds to fall into arrogance, their words becoming wilful and unbridled.

    "Such a pity that I had not been able to see you when you competed." Another one of the youth said, feigning sorrowful regret.

    The highly flattered youth's face was filled with glee and his eyes turned to look at Jun Wu Xie who had already walked a distance away, his gaze turning malevolent.

    "So what if you did not see it? Why don't I just show you an encore right at this moment! ?"
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